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What causes the white, half moon looking things at the base of your fingernails to appear and disappear?
And what are they called?

JT's Mom
Can't be calcium related - as my toddler gets them (and he drinks 24+ ounces of whole milk each day)

Myth says they appear when you tell a lie, but truth be told it is normal everyday wear causing them to appear, it is just wear and tear.

Your body produces protien to make yur nails-the white part is also the part that isn't connected to yur finger-that'ts why you can clip it off without saying ouch!!Otherwise, if it somehow something pushed up&off your whole fingernail off your finger, it would HURT!!!

Sweet Honey
If you've damaged your nail in someway, like smashing it, that spot will turn white

dont no

It's funny how everyone answering this question thinks they are absolutely right, yet there have been a variety of answers...

cappiliaries if u knew that blood ran through

You suffer from a iron or mineral deficiency share this with your doctor they will correct it alright! with the proper diet you'll be fine!!

Kamran the Great ©
varying levels of calcium concentration; not sure how accurate that is.

I always understood that they are bruses.When I was a young girl ,we beleived that they told how many boy friends you had.

Kendi has it right on the money.

this is a normal healthy part of your nail. it is where your nail grows from. i.e the manufacturing plant. u damage it and your nail stops growing. it is found in lighter coloured individuals and is usually not visible in pure coloured individuals. but during my practice, i've realised that is not wholly true bcos a lot of people with colour have it too. i do not have it though.

I am 58 years old, & when I was a hostelite, we called ourselves Boarders, @ Sacred Heart Convent, Lahore, among, the ethical practices, we were taugt to,'PUSH BACK UR SKIN ,TO SHOW THE HALF MOONS', it was a Regular Practice, so,I suppose anyone can have them @ the BASE, through doing that; what other folk, are talking about are, tiny white marks, appearing in the middle, or anywhere on the Nail, which do denote a Lack of Calcium.

mommy 2 special needs child +1
bah arsenic poisoning causes lines in the nail not moons...dont listen to that guy

likes Eeyore
I'm pretty sure it has something to do with stress, like you got your finger stuck in a door or you injured your nail some how

Kya Rose
Don't know what they are called (though I think some other posters did). According to the author of the freaky health-nut book "Survival into the 21st Century", those moons retreating is a sign of poor circulation. No idea if the theory has been tested or not...

I heard from my doctor that your nails can tell you how healthy you are. I'm not sure about the white part but I know that the pinker your nails are, the healthier you are.

if they diaspear then i would worry,that means that your nails are healthy.

I think that's called the manula (spelling?) and its supposd to be there, the absents or discoloration of it would indicate health problems

According to a book i read about reading palms- the darker and larger the moon- the higher your metabolism. It says that if white ridges are visible on your finger nails, this indicates a calcium deficiency.

Yes it is called the "Lunula". It is our body's way of ejecting dead cells - by using their basic components for nail production. It is commonly seen when its warm like in summer. It is when your body processes is at its peak. It is not commonly seen during the cold seasons. Those who sees it during cold seasons are those who have a high metabolic rate. Just a food for thought - "Dont worry if you dont see your Lunula, Start worrying when you dont see your fingers"

Its called a lunula...see it has luna in the word (which means moon in spanish and thats the shape of it). the lunula is normal happens to everyone . no need to worry doesnt have anything to do with calcium.when i was a child my friends used to say that its the amount of girls/ boys that like you. lol

mine did that when my thyroid went nuts =(..have to take meds now

I don't think anyone is understanding your question right. It's not the white spots. It's exactly what Kendi Said. Even though I don't know how to say it, He/She is right.

♥sourire dans votre sommeil™♥
It shows that your nails are healthy, i have them too

The opaque, bluish white half-moon at the base of the nail plate is called the Lunula (luh-NOO-luh). Not all fingers have a visible Lunula.
Usually it is easiest to find a Lunula on a thumb or index finger.
The Lunula outlines the front part of the matrix, this is where the nail plate cells are formed. If you ever injure this delicate area, the nail will grow deformed permanently.

This has NOTHING to do with stress or calcium.
In fact,It is a myth that calcium is needed for proper nail health.

they shouldnt dissapear...when i went to the doctor a while back i asked her what they were and she said the Luna- thing* i dont know how to spell anything..sorry* and that it shows your overall health....when I got really sick several months back i noticed that they had shrunk.....so I dont know what they are but thats what they do.

they are due to an injury to the nail or from any stress on your body. The nails can tell you a lot about someone's health (doctors will look at your nails during exams).

Well I know Most of these ppl are WRONG but between these two are more correct
The opaque, bluish white half-moon at the base of the nail plate is called the Lunula (luh-NOO-luh). Not all fingers have a visible Lunula.
Usually it is easiest to find a Lunula on a thumb or index finger.
The Lunula outlines the front part of the matrix, this is where the nail plate cells are formed. If you ever injure this delicate area, the nail will grow deformed permanently.

This has NOTHING to do with stress or calcium.
In fact,It is a myth that calcium is needed for proper nail health.
I am a Grand Master Nail Technician with Creative Nail Design
They shouldnt dissapear. They are the part of your finger that is generating new nail. If you've ever lost a nail you will see that part of your finger...it looks like another fingernail under there. It then begins to extend across the nail bed and ultimately becomes a new nail. Sounds nasty, but thats how it works.
My Opinion!
I know its a naturally occuring process not because of damaging or bruising ;0)...It's a growing process,Take Care

Kill Yeti
Its called the Lunula and is a normal part of fingernail growth. I wasnt aware that it appeared and disappeared. It may simply be that you can see it more clearly in certain lights and not in others or under certain conditions. Also it is more predominant on the thumbs. Those people who are relating it to trauma, I believe, are confusing it with white spots that sometimes appear on the nails.

The Lunula is often referred to as “moons”. The whitish half moons are keratin cells that have not yet been completely flattened and still have some of their content.  Not everyone has visible lunula’s  The lunula is normally more prominent on the thumbs. The shape of the lunula determines the shape of the free edge/distal edge.

Hope the article I found helps.

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