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Lawrence H
What causes smelly feet?

~*♥ U kno its Me♥*~

Jonelle ؟

Sweat and bacteria.

Chriiiiis <3
Sweat. Bad hygiene. D:

your shoes cause but sweat

Kristian K
Sweat Einstein.

Smelly feet? Perspiration is normal and healthy, but when it becomes excessive, it can leave a foul foot odor lingering on feet and in your shoes that’s especially noticeable when you take them off. While most people’s feet likely perspire during exercise or in warm weather, those suffering from bromhidrosis will notice excessive sweating and smelly feet year round, even when not engaged in strenuous activity.

The good news is that having smelly feet is not dangerous to your health, though it does create an environment for the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungus. Infections such as athlete’s foot or toenail fungus may soon follow, so take steps to keep smelly feet at bay.

What Causes Smelly Feet?

One of the top causes of smelly feet is excessive perspiration (hyperhidrosis) and moisture, which provides a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. When sweat and cellular debris from the bacteria and yeast begin to break down, they produce a fetid foot odor that results in your smelly feet.

Additional common causes of smelly feet include:
Excessive anxiety
Various skin conditions

If a particular health condition is causing your smelly feet, you may also notice that you have sweaty palms and excessive perspiration under your arms and in your groin area.

In turn, excessive sweating can indicate the presence of other health conditions more serious than smelly feet, so it is always good to discuss the problem with your physician.

Relieve and Prevent Smelly Feet

The most important way to relieve smelly feet is to keep your feet clean and dry.
Shower regularly with anti-bacterial soap.
Use foot powders and sprays specifically designed to keep feet dry.
Change your shoes and socks often.
Rotate your shoes (especially athletic shoes).
Use insoles that can be changed frequently to prevent the odor from staying in your shoe.
Wear sandals during warm weather.
Launder, disinfect or discard foul smelling shoes.

If you continue to suffer from smelly feet, and excessive sweating also becomes a problem in other areas of your body, please consult a physician.

Information on foot, leg and lower body health conditions provided by The Podiatry Institute, dedicated to advancing the standard of care in podiatric medicine and its effects on muscoskeletal health

Nobody seems to be mentioning zinc. Stinky feet can be cause by a zinc deficiency. Another indication that you need to take a zinc suppliment is white spots and/or streaks on your fingernails.

If you keep your feet clean, do not have athletes foot, change your socks daily and still have stinky feet, you might go to a health food store and ask if there are other nutritional needs that could cause your problem.

For a temporary fix you might try using bleach. Don't laugh, it is something my doctor told me. I cannot use any scent and particularly cannot use deodorant. I smell funky bad if i do. My doctor told me to wipe a little bleach on my underarms when i shower. It works - takes away all odor. You might find it works on your feet too - just rinse well and be careful not to get the bleach on fabric.

not changing your socks as often as possible allowing germs to breed ....this occurs mostly in covered shoes.....when your feet cant breathe........stuff like that
remedies--lotrimin AF......air out your shoes in the sun.........use powder(medicated)....e.t.c

Heather B

Smelly feet are generally caused by bacteria that live inside shoes and in-between
sweaty toes. There are also many complications, which can come from these bacteria.

The bacteria eat skin cells that have died and are just waiting to be eaten because of
poor hygiene or tight non-breathable footwear. These bacteria also consume the oils
and then after all of the eating is done the bacteria expels a byproduct that consists
of Isovaleric Acid which is what causes the odor and boy does it smell bad!

The feet have more sweat glands than any other part of the body and unlike other
parts of your body they are trapped in an environment where they don’t get a chance
to dry out while we are wearing shoes during the day. And many of the synthetic fibers in less expensive shoes or synthetic socks can make the situation even worse.

Another major contributor to smelly feet is Athletes Foot or Tinea Pedis. This is
actually a skin infection that comes from a fungus called Trichophyton. When
areas of the feet stay hot and moist they become very irritated. The Fungus
is spread in showers, locker rooms and with clothing and socks. So great precautions
should be taken when you are in any public place where you or your clothing
might become infected.

luke C
The odor from sweat coming from your feet

Yacoub H
bacteria fungus and odor

heat and sweat.


If what you mean is what causes any odor at all, that's been answered by the obvious.

If you mean, what might cause a particularly bad odor?
Then the answer is DIRTY feet, dirty shoes, dirty socks.
Shoes that trap moisture, that don't let feet breathe, which can PROMOTE the growth of bacteria and fungus.
What kinds of shoes do that? Shoes made of synthetic materials.
What kinds of shoes would be better to help reduce odors?
Shoes made of natural materials like:
Genuine leather,
Natural fibers, like Canvass
Shoes that are open and expose your feet to the air.
You may also want to ditch your nylon socks.

If you have shoes made of natural materials and your feet STILL smell, what could cause that?
Not changing them often enough.
If they tend to get wet from rain, puddles, or being soaked with sweat. You need to wear dry shoes every day.
I recommend having 2 pair of shoes anyway, and wear them on alternating days. (Your shoes will also last twice as long.)

What else could be the problem?
Something in your sweat could make bacteria grow more than other people's feet.

It could be, depending on how old you are, that you drink too much. Alcoholic's feet STINK!!! Drinking too much soda, or eating sugary things may have a similar effect. Or you might be diabetic.
How to fix this?
Drink lots of water, cut out the booze or sodas or candy. Eat natural foods, like citrus fruits, pineapple, celery and other vegetables. Have yourself checked for diabetes, and get plenty of exercise.

Wash your feet daily. Always wear clean socks.

scott b
I had a friend with rank feet. He washed them with soap and water and they still stunk. Someone told him that if he peed on his feet, whatever is in the urine will neutralize the odor. He told me he did it and it worked. Go figure.

Very confuzzled.
lots of stuff

No One Is Perfect

sweat, and not washing them

Sweat and bacteria

bactiera in your sweat.

I believe it is bacteria and moisture from your feet. If you don't have like... ventilation or sumthin in your shoes that keeps the air so it'll go out. It's because you sweat and the bacteria keeps the sweat smell in it and that's how come they smell.... i think

Sweat. Let themm Breath once in while! As in no socks or shoes of anykind

Combo, bad hygiene, fungus growth, wearing 2nd day socks, wet shoes,

Tip take the padding out of the sneakers, and trow them in the washer w/ detergent , a drop of Clorox, and hot water... Dry them out on a sunny window sill..

Ah - the smell of it ... :)

Feet can smell as the foot sweats and its trapped inside footwear. It is the interaction of these two factors along with bacteria that cause the smell. Feet have more sweat glands than any other part of the body, so they can sweat profusely which can not evaporate (like it can on the hands) due to being enclosed in footwear. The bacteria produce isovaleric acid which is what causes the odor.

A number of conditions can increase the chance for smelly feet, such as a sweaty foot (hyperhidrosis), stress, some drugs and hormonal changes.


gecko guy
bacterial growth

The problem of how to clean smelly tennis shoes, trainers and sports shoes, is a familiar one to people who suffer from smelly feet. The damp and warm conditions in socks and shoes, especially training shoes, provide the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria and fungus, which cause smelly feet. Athlete’s foot and other skin disorders are commonly associated with the condition too, so how do we combat smelly feet?

How to treat smelly feet
Keeping your feet clean and dry is essential in eradicating the bacterial conditions that cause smelly feet. Doctors and dermatologists also recommend you wear natural fiber socks that absorb moisture, and only wear boots and sports shoes for as short a period as possible. It also helps to wash your feet twice daily with antibacterial cleanser. Experts also say you should not wear the same shoes for two days in a row, to help them dry out, and advise applying antiperspirant when you can.

However, some of these solutions for smelly feet are inconvenient and even impractical, and the cost of all these antiperspirant products, powders and lotions soon adds up. So is there another way of dealing with smelly feet?

AgActive socks will clean smelly shoes
Wearing SilverSure socks from AgActive will not only kill the bacteria that causes smelly feet, but will actually clean your shoes whilst wearing them.

SilverSure technology binds real silver into fabric like a dye, so when you wear our socks, tiny particles of silver nano dust come off in your shoes and deodorize them. Silver is anti microbial, which means it eradicates the bacteria that cause smelly feet, and it’s anti fungal too, so it kills the fungus that causes athlete’s foot and other conditions.

So now you don’t have to suffer the embarrassment of smelly feet, plus spend loads of money on treatments that don’t deal with the root cause of your problem. Just pull on a pair of SilverSure socks from AgActive and let the silver do the work.


fungus and bacteria caused by moisture.

It's the result of having a smelly private area and wearing long pants, the stink drifts down and results in smelly feet. Lol

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