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What can u put on a bugbite to make it stop itching?
any tips?

Dumb B
dont get bitten prevention is always better than cure

There are a lot of bug bite creams out there and they all work like a charm!

Anna M
I've heard meat tenderizer works.

Calamine lotion

Decoy Duck
Vinegar or rubbing alcohol. If you have cortisone cream that would do nicely also. Take your pick.

nora r
some aloe vera, if you have it

Calamine lotion...or mud, seriously it does work

The itching caused by a bug bite is an allergic reaction to the bugs secreesions. Get some Benedryl which come in a cream for allergic reactions on the skin. You can always take a benedryl pill to stop the itching.

Cortizone or Hydro-Cortizone

Chris F
Rubbing alcohol always works for me.

rub it with a piece of an aloe plant-this is good for burns also.

yeah, i know this is gonna sound hilarious, but mom found out that you can use Preperation H, i know, i know, for burns and itching situations..so try it..it definitely works for mosquito bites so good luck...and if ya have any splinters, you can use this too and put a bandaid over it and it'll eventually come out..just another useful tip..lol..

what's always worked for me is rubbing the inside rind of an orange on it, i dont know why it works but it does.

hydrocortisone cream or ointment.

my friends dad used to tell me that if you put an " x" through it with your finger nails.. you know .. like an indentation.. that it will reduce the risk.. sometimes it works for me

Of course there is anti-itch creams,but If you put clear fingernail polish over the bite it really does help.WARNING:It stings like heck for a few seconds.♥

Itch X

Calamine lotion

Vinager (but you'll smell like a pickle)

or take an oatmeal bath (but then you'll be sticky - but the dog will love you!)

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