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What can cause a person to be sick after eating anything?

Cid Young
Stomach cancer

allergic to it, or food poisining


a virus or food poisoning can do this.

If you aren't able to keep anything down, you have to go to the doctor.

If you dehydrate you will wind up in the hospital.

yer asophagise. how ever you spell it?

Flu, E. coli, food poisoning.....

funkypants moobmeister
do u mean after not eating anything or after eating anything (as in variety of foods).

either way i guess it could be food poisoning, or maybe an allergy to something, acid reflux maybe (where acid comes back up or food pipe from too much fatty foods).

if u r concerned then see ur doc

food poisoningg

this can happen if you have had taken antibiotics, had stomach problem like a flu, food poisoning or a possible parrasite. then your good bacteria gets destroyed leaving just bad bacteria and your digestions goes all wanky.
that's a good page on what to eat to help if this is the problem. hope your feeling better soon.

Umm Hi!!
I had the same problem.. went through TONS of test and yet nothing.. do you have pain on your left side @ all, or anywhere? I was finally told it was stress.. i wouldnt throw up just like diaherra.. go to a gastorologist(sp), specialize in the stomach maybe you have a stomach problem even digestive!! hope you feel better

Eating too fast
happens to me all the time
sometimes my stomach hurts after after I eat and i cant stand up straight

Toxic levels of vitamins and minerals.

Toxic chemicals (cleaning solvents, though botulism toxin or actual poisons would also qualify).

Bacteria (salmonella or a host of other contaminants, most often from poor sanitation in the kitchen).

Viruses (any virus which can be transmitted by touch or respiration could end up on your food if a cook or server is not practicing proper hygiene or is working while sick).

Allergies to an ingredient in the food.

Eating too much.

foog poisoning

Touching that little punching bag in the bag of your throat. That's what anorexics do to throw up after they binge eat.

Salmonella, E. Coli, and other things that could cause food poisoning.
If you're eating something foreign (like you live in Canada and eat something in Singapore), there's a chance your stomach will reject it
Eating too much junk could cause your tummy to be upset
I'm assuming you mean barf, right?

it depends,
if you are sure an infection, or virus you may have already had is not the culprit, then it could be a host of other things.

Food allergies you are not aware of, usually you woudn't get"sick" but your face: eyelids, lips, tongue, esphogous, could swell, you could develope a rash on your skin, almost anywhere/develop hives. or run a fever.

Food poisoning, could make you sick, vomitting, diarrhea, fever stomach pains, dizziness, weakness, etc.

Food not properly cooked, and food not properly stored: hot foods really do need to stay hot, and cold foods, cold, when the temperatures change on either end you are enabling bacteria to grow, which commonly causes you to get sick.

Eating expired foods, or foods close to expiration, stale foods, etc. some people tolerate things better than others.

Another thing that can cause you to get sick after eating/or drinking for that matter is water. Nearly every state is different, and especially well water, tastes completely different from tap, and again from bottled water. So, that includes hard water, which is water without its impurities removed. Water that still has that excess of minerals in it that makes it taste coppery, or metalic. So if you can, you can boil the water if you must drink it, and in very pressed condtions, you could drop 15 dropplets of bleech in it to clean it( 15 drops, per gallon of water), its better for an adult to do this if you are unsure how, and to ensure you are not using too much.

Or even some fast foods, yes some people when ordering fast foods/take out, etc. get sick, as in nausea/vomitting, diarrhea, after consumption of fast foods, for a number of reasons, your system does not tolerate how those foods are prepared, or certain oils used in the food, does not agree with you. ie, some people when they eat chinese food, they are fine, but if they eat at a burger place they end up on the toilet.

Or even some pizza places, use more oil, or more salt, on their pizzas than other places, or sauces, and thats one of the reasons the pizza company's food does not taste the same.

just a few pointers, also it always helps to drink alot of water, to help flush, anything out of your system. and if you feel you are not sure, or really sick, see a doctor, or go to the ER, just to be sure things do not get overlooked.


if the food is bad

Bingo's Mommy
It depends on what you mean by "sick."

If you mean that the person vomited, then most likely the cause is either a food sensitivity, an allergy, a virus, reflux, a persistent cough or excessive gas.

Hope that helps a bit.

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