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Jancy N
What can I use to get marijuana out of my system?
I used to smoke weed but stopped but everytime I get tested for drugs It shows positive for marijuana. I have another interview/drug test on thursday, so I need a quick and simple solution.

dave j
If they test your hair, you're screwed for three years.

Anie J
Drink lots of water... and if they are doing a hair sample.. it will show up for awhile.

It's in your clothes, home, car everywhere.. almost three months inside your whole body. Eat well and clean as much as possible.

kelley belly!
do a 3 day body cleansing detoxicating plan.

drink lots of water and cranberry juice...

alan m
time, sorry... about four months

Sam G
1. Drink 2-3 gallons of water each day.
2. Drink several glasses of vinegar.
3. Drink Gatorade
4. Drink Cranberry Juice.
5. Various Detox drinks/pills
6. Goldenseal (covers up THC)

To make sure you pass your test, buy several different drug testing kits and test yourself before the test.

Borrow someones wee and wear a wig.

Try taking Niacin vitamins. They help rid the body of harmful chemicals.

I need help really badly
i dont think there is another way. look it up on google

the stuff, it is sold at the smoothie king, or at the vitamin shop, i have used it and it works in about an hour as long as you havent smoked for 24 hours, been on paper for 5 months tested 2 times a week 2 wks 2go. good luck. have you tried the clear papers yet?

Dont smoke it....

Simple, mix vinegar with water and down it! Also try to drink at least 96 ounces of water. Alot of people don't know that water is nature's purifier and drinking that amount daily will get rid of any remnants of marijuana in your system. You could also go the expensive route and buy a detox kit, but those take like 7 days to do their thing. Lastly, you can get a masking agent, but I caution you that some of these aren't guaranteed so look for the ones that guarantee their product...Good Luck!!!

P.S. If there's a hair sample involved, they have shampoos that washes away the THC as well....

kenneth x
drink a lot of green tea like gallons....i heard it can remove traces of cigarettes. so i guess it might work with marij...try to eat more fruits vegetable....the antioxidents help
good luck on your interview.

Donna M
go to a health food store, i saw something there once and thought it was funny.

Daryl K
Depending on what kind of drug test it is and if they search you before conducting you can always cheat your way out of it... but cheating's for LOSERS! THC is stored in fat cells in the body. The length of time THC stays in your body varies based on a number of factors; Age, Body fat %, how often you smoke, genealogy etc. Some natural ways of eradicating the THC out of your body are: Eat lots of fiber (more bowel movements means quicker detox), Drink Cranberry Juice, Cardiovascular Exercise (sweat it out), Multi-Vitamins. If you're fairly young, active w/ low body fat you could be clean in as soon as 1-2 weeks. If you're old or high body fat could be as much as one year. The average slightly over weight person in there 20's or 30's should expect at least 2-3 months but this can be expediated by doing the above mentioned diet and lifestyle choices. Its too bad the North American society especailly the US looks at marijuana use worse than alcohol. The latter oviously affects our society negatively far worse than marijuana ever has or will. Represent Marijuana culture with class ya'll... Happy Smoking!

DJ in NJ
Go to the Vitamin Shoppe and try AM/PM Power Cleanse.Pick up some Dandelion Root 520mg. and Cranberry Tablets 500mg or higher. Follow the direction on the AM/PM bottle. Take the Dandelion and Cranberry 3 tablets, 3 times a day and drink a lot of water for 3 to 4 wks. and it should clean out your system, but you should try to stop smoking. Good luck

kevin m
all these ******* people are stupid, quit smoking a week b4 your test and then the night b4 take 400mg's of niacin then the next morning take 200mg then mix one pack of certo gelitan with a big *** thing of gatorade and drink it. piss a couple times b4 your test.this works cuz my brother did it for 5 years when he was on probation.good luck

It depends. If you want to pass a urine test, you can always sneak some piss in by tying a medical bag of it to your leg, that is if nobody watches you while you pee. Preferably, get a piss donor with your blood type, and definitely one who is your same gender. If you are being watched, you can drink one of those system cleansers found at your neighborhood smoke shop or online. They usually take 1-3 hours to take affect, and are good for 5 hours. They put a lot of vitamins in your body, that you pee out when you take a piss. That is, you eliminate the vitamins and there is so much it waters down the marijuana. At least, I've heard that's how it works. Anyway, they cleanse your system. They're expensive though, like 50 bucks a bottle. Drinking water and losing weight also helps, though your test is kind of soon for all that. If you have a hair test, or a blood test, then you're probably screwed unless you sneak in a blood sample from someone with your type. Mostly, nobody does those though. Urine tests are the most common.

jim b
quit, for good, until you wont ever have them in the future

Go to GNC and get something called Gold Seal detox. That will do it.


Apply for a job in about 90 days but you need to not smoke pot for the next 90 days. Although depending on your metabolism it might take longer. Better make it 120 days just to be safe. Some drug screens can detect cover up chemicals/flooding etc.

kendell c
time. It takes about a month to get it out of your system. If it has been much over a month and you still test positive then something else is wrong. Either you are around someone who is smoking pot, second hand pot smoke will show up in a drug test for two weeks. or you have a physical problem that prevents it from leaving your system quickly such as an excess of body fat. Some foods and medications will also show a false positive for marijuana use. Nothing but time will get it out of your system.

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