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What can I do to get rid of or cure a cut inside my mouth?
I have a cut inside my mouth it really hurts, what can I do to ease the pain?

Antiseptic mouthwash and painkillers

pepzi_bandit 2
gargle with listerene or salt water

Buy Lycene, its an amino acid that you can get over the counter or in a health food shop, its great for anything around or in your mouth!! Even coldsores!!

salt poultice works every time

Your best bet is to carry around a water bottle half filled with listerine and half with water.. shake it up and take a swig after eating or drinking anything.. Swish it around and spit it out and you'll be good to go..

The problem with mouth sores is that there is constantly bacteria in your mouth that gets into the wound and doesn't allow it to heal. Good luck!

Rinstead pastilles from your local chemist will ease the pain

well it might be sore but it will heal quicker hot fluids of any kind as hot water makes the skin grow quicker ,,,try not to stretch the mouth as this will keep the cut open good luck


Simply rinse with salt water. The salt in the water will help heal the wound. It may sting a bit, but not bad. Don't put anything else in your mouth, this is the safest thing to do.

An Agent of Chaos
Its called herpes...it never goes away

Use a salt water rinse. Mouth wounds heal quickly

I also had a cut inside my mouth and I tried all the salt - cyder vinegar - etc., I found after application of iodine it was much improved so I keep this going for about a week and it cleared up 100%. Hope this works well for you.

I also used my pain gone pen to give it an extra boost it is wonderful on just about everything that is bothersome.

monimex o
just gaggle twice daily with warm salt solution and take citrus or vitamin C supplements. ciao

scary mary
Try Bonjela it contains a local anaesthetic, you could also try rinsing your mouth out with salt water. If you cant find Bonjela ask in a chemist for something similar.

use bonjelia gel from chemist

wish I were
rinse with peroxide, mouth wounds heal fast

put salt on it!

salt water mouth wash is one of the best things, teaspoon of salt in warm water, and rinse about 4 times a day, make sure you spit it out.
if you want to use a bought mouth wash i would recommend corsodyl, but be warned over use will stain your teeth, but it one that both dentists and oral surgeons would recommend
If the cut persists, i would see a dentist, if it is recurring, you need to find out why, it could be a rough filling, etc

Ask the pharmacist for a local anaesthetic that is used for chancre sores in the mouth that can be soldover the counter without a doctors prescription. Otherwise, keep your mouth really clean all the time, use mouthwash, and wait for a couple of days for it to heal on its own naturally

bonjella works a treat!

put ice

Pippa H
use bonjela it has a local anesthetic its really good !!!

larryt t
rinse with Listerine before sleep, and salt water during day every 3-4 hours, to kill germ, and put aneseptic pain killing mouth sour balm on top to seal off the wound. it will heal faster..

How did you get the cut? If you are wearing a tongue piercing then you should remove it. Could it be from braces? Then you should have the orthodontist adjust them. Did it just happen with no known reason? Then you should rinse your mouth with warm salt water a few times a day. You could try the pharmacy and see if they have anything, such as Kanka, that you could use, but that stuff is really gross. You could see your dentist.

rinseing your month

Ouch...Take an advil for the pain and swish salt and water around in your mouth a couple of times a day.

herbal ashtray
I would rinse with warm salt rinse (half teaspoon salt/boiled then cooled water) that should help it to heal and stop infection, will be a bit sore but will help. Avoid hot (temp)spicy/acidic food and dont keep touching it with your tongue. Take a couple of nurofen and it should settle down, cuts in the mouth usually heal quite quickley as they are bathed in saliva which helps the healing process anyway. Hope you feel better soon.xx

I just went to the dentist for the very same thing yesterday! He said 1. rinse with salted warm water
2. Get ORAGEL to ease the pain
3. Try not to chew on that side until it
is healed.

rinse your mouth with salt water

salt water rinses. You can make the yourself. It should heal quick

Bonjela is a great gel for stuff like that, available at the Chemist for about 3 quid

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