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What are the bad effects of getting your tongue pierced?
is it bad for your teeth someone told me it breaks down tooth enamel.and can you hit a lot of nerves when you get it pierced.is it dangerous

Joy M
i think the worst thing is you get a permanent lisp

Master Beta
1. If you run it along your teeth it will effect the enamel.
2. If you don't clean it all the time you'll get an infection.
3. If nerves are hit in the piercing process it could damage your taste and loose feeling in your toungue,
4. You have a major artery in your toungue and if they hit that you could have massive blood lose and possibly death.

Depends on what type stud and stuff like that. Stud gets infected, you talk werid most people wont let you work there because you will studer.

For people saying you talk with a lisp is wrong. You do not. However, it does cause tooth damage. My friend had one from the time she was 12 until she was about 19. When she learned what she did to her teeth she took it out. She has had extensive dental work done and now has porcelin that has to be replaced every few years now. Also infection is a risk.

Peyton D
I have had my tongue peirced 5 times, for various reasons, none regaurding the actually piercing itself. As long as you get plastic balls the chances of cracking your teeth are slim. I bite mine occassionally and nothing bad has ever happened. I say get it!

Infection, numbness, the rare possibility of cutting off a piece of your tongue if the infection is too widespread, an ugly hole when you aren't wearing the ring, a bump or scar if you remove the piercing and it doesn't heal right

its quite dangerous...but thats what makes people want to get it...the suspense!

Well there is the risk of infection. and yes, you can break a tooth . It's another cavity to catch things in even if it is in your tongue, and tends to give you the look of a person who has no common sense.

Besides the fact that you have this annoying thing on your tongue 24/7?

It looks stupid and really trashy....also like you're trying really hard to be different,because you're insecure with your regular self,so you imitate others,which is the opposite of being different.

Twinkie Thief
hmmmmmm, risking infection....mouth is full of nasty germs.... impaction from food being lodged and rotting in the hole...... chipping your teeth.... swollowing the silly pin when you are drunk..... besides making you talk funny....it looks dumb also....so yesterday, in the fads that already come and gone.....

Cirque de Soleil (Is bored)
Its bad for teeth

You do hit a lot of nerves

Cheap kinda rust in your mouth

You can get infected if its not clean

You lose a lot of blood

You're still gonna have it when you turn 90, and I don't think an old lady with a metal stud in her mouth is very charming

if they pierce the wrong place, you can lose the movement of your tounge forever. if you pierce it and remove it for a day, it will close.

if you decide to get it pierced, get a vibrating one and then send me a messege. lol

1. infections
2. Swelling
3. Aren't as trendy anymore
4. tongue swelling and speech issues
5. You will have to relearn how to talk and eat after getting it done
6. a lot of people won't notice the tongue piercing at all
7. takes a long time to clean your tongue accurately
8. Cyst formation/scarring/vein damage
9. painful to eat with after the first couple weeks of getting it done
10. painful!!!

you will be instanly cool and adored by all
and if you really really want to be cool
go ahead and get a little lizard tatoo on your butt
and that will propel you into the statosphere of hipness
and very unique

well first of all i wouldnt get one because it seems hard toeat with and if it get infected it might be bad and if u want help withthose things of wanting to know wat r the bad effects maybe u should ask the person doing the piercing for you !!!

Dont get it. first reason is infection. second reason is you will be looked bad person by others. Third reason is suspence and you dont want to know it. this tongue piercing is not for nice innocent gurls.

Charles s
You can have your tongue swell at anytime for years to come. It affects your speech. And it beats the hell out of your front teeth

Ron Rico
possible infection and if someone doesn't know what they re doing they could pierce the lingual artery and put you in the hospital. have a nice day.

the crusader
Well, you could get an infection. Even if you don't, think about what you'll look like with that thing in your tongue when you're 80 years old. That's gross.

heart o' gold
It's an incredibly disgusting form of self mutilation.

tongue infections if its not clean

I had my tongue pierced for about 8 years, and the balls on my barbell were large. The bottom ball wore a groove into the gums surrounding my bottom two front teeth. I also had a labret that pushed the gums down on the front of those same two teeth. Needless to say, I have had all sorts of problems with my bottom teeth since then.

Piercings are cool for awhile, but they can mess up your teeth or your gums. Plus, everyone has them nowadays. Don't pierce your tongue.

yeah you can hit a lot of nerves and your mouth is the dirtiest place in your body isn't it? it holds the most bacteria

you talk slike sthis

Possible death from infection would be a bad effect.

Loose Change™¢
Dothen't it make you thpeak with a lithp?

Stuck in the middle of nowhere
It is extremely gross and ugly looking.

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