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cody c
What are some good remedies for social anxiety, specifically in a high school environment?
I have social anxiety sometimes when im at school and it seems to be worsened by cold weather. but what are good ways to reduce or help that during the day when im at school.? thanks!


Meditation, Humming music, whistling, breathing exercises based on Yoga, actually you can do yoga anyplace even standing still. Study up on it. Martial arts after school will help build your confidence along with other sports and exercise.

excercise more

The best thing to do is just take a deep breath and realize you're not alone! Lots of kids have this. You'd be surprised at how many. Having confidence in high school is hard! Just rely on your friends...you don't have to be all loud and social...just be *there*. The more you're around people, the easier it gets. I know it's hard...I've totally been there. But realize that you can go home and be safe and sane and alone, and recharge for the next time you have to be out in a social situation. Truly, the best thing is, keep at it. Don't let it beat you.

If it becomes a bigger problem, and you have anxiety and panic attacks, then see a doctor! There are drugs like Paxil that can definitely help, short or long term.

I'ma Shy Girl...
listen to your favorite movie

I suggest you read Dr. David Burns' book, "When Panic Attacks: The New, Drug-Free Anxiety Therapy That Can Change Your Life." It's available from Amazon.com

Start easy like find one person who has the same interest like reading a book, photography and start talking to them about the subject . Don't try to talk to groups first that may take time. Or join some kind of club or try to watch how they react. Or see a counselor in your school who may help you be upfront what is your problem or see a Dr. Since you know what bother you you can learn how to over come it in a long run. I use to be shy but once I took photography every one wants me to take their pictures so they had to talk to me. You can find a hobby that interest you.
Good luck.

Why knit pick at yourself? Just relax and live positive...school, family time, friends, hobbies, reflection time, reading, a part-time job if old enough, etc.

Have you considered multi-vitamins for your age range and we all need exercise...not just teenaged people. Find an activity that you enjoy.

Why So Serious?
i have this same problem myself, try not to think about it too much, and try to talk to more people

You should always remember that if someone that you don't know doesn't like you, they probably think that you don't like them.

I read this in Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul.

Learn to relax and simple meditation techniques.

I had the same prooblem and I involved myself in some school groups/clubs that interested me and it really helped me and brought me out of that.

first off you might want to see a doctor about that and see if medication is needed for such a thing.

secondly, find devices that help you cope, exercises, breathing techniques, or maybe some music that calms you. I have had anxeity problems for years and finally started taking meds about a year ago and they helped and then i have also gotten testing arrangements so that i dont have to test under time constraints.

dave w
Have you managed to identify the triggers for your anxiety, is it possible you can limit your exposure to these triggers or avoid the situation to try and prevent the problem occuring.

Not sure what sort of symptoms your suffering but a book, self help for nerves was very useful to me when dealing with bereavement stress some years ago, worth a browse in a local bookstore if symptoms are anything like panic attacks?

I would advise you to start small. Start by trying to be comfortable in a small group of close or familiar friends. It would also be helpful talking to your school counselor or psychologist about your problem.

Amber D
I know how you feel. Mostly, social anxiety is taken care of through a combination of therapy, and antidepressants. If it gets worse in the winter, then maybe you could also have what is called seasonal depression. If you talk to a therapist, then you should mention the seasonal part.

I get that all the time. I usually have a 'security group'. A close group of friends that I hang around with and can blend in with. I'm still looking for the right group, though, so I have a constant source of 'retreat' I can go to.
Uusally it's a book or my MP3, something you can 'zone out' with. You also might want to just forget about worrything thigs and just go with it, unless it's dangerous, of course.

You mean shyness. I faced my fears and was on the debate team for 2 years. Spoke in church and tried out for plays. Now you can't shut me up.

I came up with a saying Surf the Pain

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