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What's the best cough and cold medicine for a 5 year old kid?
Looking for the best all around medicine for kids 5 and under.

I find the advil flu and cold works also Motrin cold fomula.

try Motrin...its the best!


I have a 7 year old and a 3 year old. After checking with my local pharmasist, I use Triaminic for both of them. They have several different formulas so you can get the best one for the symptoms they have...and not the symptoms they don't have. Plus, it doesn't have a fever reducer/pain relever in it. I feel like they get what they need without over-medicating.

Anthony S
it doesn't matter what anyone else says it would be Motrin.

please try tylenol flavors, chewable cough and cold. i still use it and i am 18.


Who me?

they are pulling most cold medicines my advice would be to use cool mist humiderfiere and vicks vapor rub in outlet(the plug in kind) and also make her drink plenty of juices and water and be sure to take vitamins daily

calpol, is best for the feeling ill part. for the cough, light cough steets, but read the pack first.
it worked for my 2.

well the best one is the vita-one syrup for kids 5~~~~ under you should try it out p.s. it can be very hard to get it but look every were

xx Call me Lolo xx
hmm im not too sure

uhh its like a purple bottle..its liquid and it tastes like "grape" [[no it doesnt]] lol...

so idk

go to CVS

go to a doctor

I don't have children but someone once told me that children robotusin (?) worked really really well.. I guess you could check on epinions.com or something...

They recalled most cough medicines.
they have never been proven to work anyway.
try chicken soup and plenty of fluids and vicks rub.
humidifiers/vaporizers work well

Vicks Vapor Rub on the chest, back, and bottom of feet (with socks over them). Better than any cough medicine.

I'd say a tablespoon of honey dissolved in warm water... it'll coat their throat and it tastes sweet too.

no over the counter drugs. take him or her to the doctor. ive recently had to do a report on over the counter kiddy drugs and you wont believe what i found out.

I don't recommend any medicine that is what the immune system is for! If the kid has a stuffy nose then get a humidifier and have the kid drink lots of fluids with plenty of rest. Besides there have been a bunch of cold medicines recalled you should look into that.

Robitussin DM. However most couch meds don't help that much. My son has had a cough for 3 weeks now. The doctor said he has a sinus infection. He got antibiotics. Which are helping. If the cough lasts most than a couple weeks take to Dr. Maybe he can perscribe something. Otherwise I'd try Robitussin DM. Look for med. that's only for coughs. It helps better then the multi symptom formula.. Also, all the meds usually have the same ingredients. So look on the back at the active ingredients, because usually they all have the same ingredients but one may have a higher % ingredient (say the one for cough suppresent)then the other. Most are same just differnt brand name. Also the pharmacist may know the best option for you. Good luck.

Peace, Love and Orange Fanta
The thing my mom used with us that is natural, awesome and totally works is lots of water, vitamin C and garlic. However you can get it in them. They have pills or you can cook with it. Garlic naturally kind of burns out infections and I was never sick a time when that didn't help. The pills are less effective than fresh but however you have to do it.

the girl next door
I wouldn't give them any cough medicine. There is a certain drug in there that makes one addicted. I believe it is Meths.

Instead use VIC Vapurup. It's the best. You rub it on your the chest and back. It even gets rid of fever.

im not 5.
but when i had a cold/cough took waltussin and sumtimes robotusin [sorry idk how to spell it] every day 2 times a day [morning and night] and in a few days, i was perfectly fine..

put vicks vapor rub on them. like before they go to bed, put it on their chest and their forehead. and on their nose. [on.. not in] and it'll realy clear their nose, they wont get headaches from the cold they have and putting it on their chest will relieve the cough!

but just to be super safe
before you buy ANY medicine, check with a doctor.. some medicines aren't okay for small children..

hope i helped!!

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