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Ways to stop smoking ??? (i am sick of it but i do it especially when im out)?

you should try eat carrots or eating sunflower seeds for the cravings. sunflower seeds worked for me and my husband. we just would eat them when we wanted a cig. hope this helps. just find something else to do even chewing gum?

This is really gross, but if u do this, u will quit! Everytime u have a craving, lick the ashtray! U will quit!!

Ricky T
you have to stay away from the places where you usually smoke, and stop hanging around other smokers for a while. Find other things to do where you dont have to smoke.

Ryan H
Just stop. Buy this book called "The easy way to stop smoking." You won't regret it.

mom of girls
Cold turkey is the best, because it sticks, but you would need counseling. Talk to your doctor there are therapeautic ways to deal with this also. If you live in OH they have a stop smoking program but you have to call them from an ohio phone so that they know that you are an ohioan.

I smoked for 8 years and was sick of it too. The only thing that helped was hooking up with a hottie who would not see me if I was smoking.So I haven't smoked in a couple of weeks since I have been with her. But I promise you the day she dumps me I'm going to smoke 3 cartons.

Delora Gloria
I assume you've tried the usual. So have a look at your motives, When you don't smoke, you can eat strawberries and bananas, and that lovely taste stays with you, and if you kiss your lover, he will also taste strawberries and bananas..

Don't buy any cigarettes before you go out. Stop going to places where everybody smokes.

Procrastinate. I stopped that way. I figured I was lazy, so I'd take advantage of it. "Well, I won't light up right away. I'll just wait." And then one day I didn't really want them anymore.

I had an easy time of it. If that doesn't work for you, get Nicorrettes, and bust your way through that wall.,

Good luck. Nothing but good can come of it.

Mrs. Lisa
buy chewing gum instead.....it is a major turn off for man a or woman to do....

Have your doctor put you on WellButrin, it works great. I tried it and now I'm Smoke-Free.

kddkd a
switch to heroin

If you find yourself just wanting to do the act of smoking itself, try buying natural herbal cigarettes. I know American Spirits has a brand that has like nine ingredients that are 100% natural and are tabacco and nicotine free. They won't give you any sort of buzz, but its kind of a mind trick.
Worked for me when I quit marijuana.

Quiting smoking can be very heard. I smoked for 5 years, and quit after my baby was born and it was causing him ear infections. To Stop you really need to WANT to stop. Stay away from friends who smoke while you are trying to stop, or get your friends to stop with you. (As they say, misery loves company). Try putting the money you save on cigs into a special jar. You'll see how that money starts adding up. After being smoke free for 1 month, use that money to get yourself something special. Look online for smoking cessation sites.
Here is one to get you started (Actually a link of links)


william P
Take the pill. It worked for me. Also, tell everyone the exact day you will quit. Call people and tell them. Call your worst enemy and tell them of your quit date. The thought of that many people laughing at you will help greatly. I told my students.

chew gum....

Chris Bell
you might not like this but have faith in your self and you will do so. keep telling your self that you will stop and you will. what you tell your self your going to do is what going to happen. but if you keep telling your self that you cant stop. it like your brain washing your self that your not going to stop. so just have faith and pray to god to help you stop. you only have to pray once if you have faith in you self and god that he has and will help you and right away but it will happen with faith and hard work and just believe in your self and love your self. god bless.

This is how I did it: I swore an oath to myself that I would absolutely never put another ciggie in my mouth and light it. That was over 20 years ago, and it was not too hard, because I promised myself. But, I do still enjoy second-hand smoke sometimes...

Quitting any habit, which u think is bad, has to come fm your inner self. You need strong determination and will force to stop smoking or anything like that. I hv personally stopped smoking on 30th Sept, 1990. No reducing, no ifs and buts, I just didnot smoke a small puff fm 1st October, till today. You must remember, that, you have to go through a phase of mental and habitual discomfort. But, if u want to stop, u have to stop, and thats the end of chapter. Period. Please give it a try once, and, I hope you can do this. Remember, the choice is yours.

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