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Throbbing headaches after work?
I recently got a job working some data-entry position, so im probably on a computer 40-50 hours a week, and after work I have huge throbbing headaches, is there anyway to relieve this? Ive never gotten headaches like this, and I just hate coming out of working feeling like crap.
Additional Details
I dont want to keep popping pills everytime i get a headache.

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Having suffered from migraines all my life and being stuck in front of a computer for the last ten has made me hate pills.
I have a cup of tea or coffee (both strong and black) an hour before I escape and a bottle of water (refillable bottle) on the way out the door. If that is not working...try an energy drink. Also snack in the afternoon. I still get twister headaches, but not as often or as severe.
If all else fails, quit your job, move somewhere tropical, serve drinks on the beach, simplify your life, and relax...headaches will vanish!

IT sounds like you need glasses. I get really bad headaches from looking at the computer too long and the ultraviolet lights hurt my blue eyes. You should go see an eye doctor for lightly tinted glasses or contacts

data entry... is computers right?

i think the computer screens are hurting your eyes.. try changing the brightness on the screens.. and take some advil

make sure you get plenty of sleep and relax on your ride home.. see a doctor-- it could be something more serious like a brain tumor

turn the contrast way down on your monitor, also make sure you have fresh air and walk around for a break every 2 hours or so. Make sure you drink allot of water and look away from your screen for about a minute every half hour. Good Luck

it could be staring at the computer all day thats causing this. i think there are glare screens you can buy or u may need glasses. do you strain to read the screen?

Probably from staring at a computer all day, I would try taking Tylenol.

use head on

Janet B
Have you eyes examined. You may need glasses for reading and the monitor is causing eye strain which leads to headaches. If your company has a safety dept. Tell them about your headaches and maybe they can help you adjust your computer screen to reduce eye strain.

@$$ licker
i get migraines after 3 hours. i take migraine pills and sleep

get your eyes checked out, or just takes breaks from looking at the computer screen cuz that does hurt your eyes!


NOT ASPIRIN (That's bad for you.)

Better posture while sitting at your computer.

Feet flat on the ground. Monitor at eye level.

Occasionally roll your head around to keep it from stiffening up.

aleve, its awsome pain releiver, goes right to the pain. or get a pet (brain) scan

[hello ♥]
Exciedrin works like a charm for me!

hey man two quick possible solutions, number 1 you probably need some sort of corrective glasses or an updated prescription if you already have some, so try getting your eyeballs checked. 2, I always get headaches if I'm stressed out. Force yourself to sit in a dark room on a break and relax, meditate listen to Mozart, whatever, then back to your cubicle for more data entry Ecstasy!.... hope this helps

You can buy glasses that protect your eyes from the glare of the computer. Make sure you take breaks from staring at the screen every once in awhile. Drink lots of water. If the headache is a migraine, drink a cup of coffee and take Ibuprofen.

You need to take extra breaks from the computer. I input Medicare assessments to the state website after assessing a resident and if I just input all day rather than go out on the floor and see my residents i get the same kind of headaches.There is also this type of screen they can put over your computer screen to reduce the glare and decrease the stress to the eyes which is causing the headaches. They ordered one for me. Ask the person at your company who orders office supplies. It will be in one of their books. I feel your pain . Wish i could be more help. Might need to get your eyes checked more often too.It does ruin your vision, or so my eye doctor told me that.

Oklahoma State Alumnus
Staring at a computer screen all day can do that. Take frequent breaks if possible.

Stephen K
You need to take a break from the computer and relax your eyes

Gamilstob K
Well sometimes just sitting down and relaxing to the point where I exhale and let my shoulders drop allow the headache to stop after about 7 minutes. But this is stress related headaches, so it might or might not help you.

For computers, maybe you should try looking at something not very contrasting, something like grass and trees for awhile. Look far away for awhile, it might cool down your brain's need to concentrate on what you are seeing so much maybe.

Or maybe your eye glasses are slightly off. Making the perfect lens number will help your eyes focus and will prevent headaches from happening in the first place!!!

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