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Symptoms of stomach pain in new born baby's?

Drawing up of knees, high pitch crying, possibly off his/her food. Stomach may feel hot, diarrhoea or constipation. Hope thats of use.

Definatly colic! are you breast feeding? if not and using a formula try one for colic babies...

It could be wind or colic. However any symptom in a new born should be checked by a doctor who can tell a lot by just feeling the baby's tummy.

colic! Gripe water helps.

the baby will move it's legs up to his tummy. And cry and you won't be able to comfort him/her. If this is happening same time every day it might be colic you can get drops for this. have you burped the baby well enough? massage the baby's tummy in a circle direction this should help. if baby has diarrhoea as well or sickness take the baby to the doctor as it could be tummy infection. lol

If this is happening now you really should take your child to the emergency room, and then be in contact with the child's doctor in the morning. All children react differently to tummy pain if you are questioning the child's health, get off the computer and give the child some help.

Usually if a baby has tummy ache he/she will pull legs up to feotal position just like an adult would

candi k
you should always check with a doc when it comes to babies.

crying or screaming is the main sign poss drawing up the legs, mine werent collicky but if i felt they had trapped windi would just position them so their bottoms were higher than their chest then if it is wind they expel it! a changed in feeding pattern or vomitting may indicate a problem.

best to take to docs really so they can give a full examination.

Pain in a new baby could be colic. My granddaughter suffered badly with this from birth. If baby takes in to much air it gets wind and is painful to baby, they pull their little legs up and scream, colic is severe stomach pain, something like we get when we have wind.Have you tried Gripe Water, an age old remedy that really does help.

Colostrum provides life-supporting immune and growth factors that insure the health and vitality of the newborn. Immune factors in colostrum can help balance and support a healthy immune system. Growth factors supply the necessary building blocks for the newborn, enhancing the growth of cells, muscles, tissue, bone and cartilage.
For more info..

It could be colic or just gas. If your nursing take a look at what your eating, beans, cabbage and spicy foods can all upset a baby's stomach. I couldn't eat onions when i was nursing as it gave my daughter gas.

bloatness, colic, diarrhea, loose stool, crying baby, no appetite

Crying - perhaps a lack of interest in food

i'm gonna go with, "colic".

a condition of unknown cause seen in infants less than three months old, marked by periods of inconsolable crying lasting for hours at a time for at least three weeks.

Donna M
Do you mean symptoms or causes.

Causes could be anything - usually colic.

Symptoms - pulling their legs up, high pitched wailing, going red in the face.

If you're worried, call your GP. Babies can still get things like appendicitis.

high pitch crying and bring their knees up to the chest is allways a sign with me, have you just put him/her over your knees and rub their bk it worked with mine

maybe colic or trapped gas. put baby over your knees and rub baby's back. if your nursing check your diet it could be something that you are eating that's giving the baby colic. with little boy it worked for a while, try drops for gas like mylican or hyland tablets for colic they will sooth baby's tummy and help them get a little rest. i also used a washcloth with hot water on it and wrapped it in dish towel and put in a ziploc bag and placed it on his tummy over his clothes which helped out. try talking to your baby's doctor you may have to change his or hers milk we did and that worked for a while
Good Luck

Jane S
when babies have stomach pains they cry and draw their knees up to their tummies, the usual cause is wind or colic

babies tend to bring their knees up to their tummy wheile crying with bad wind, get some colic drops or ask your midwife

wind or colic!

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