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Bob B
Suicide via car exhaust
Is suicide via car exhaust still possible? Obviously in an enclosed area (garage).

Thank you for any answers.

John N
always has been always will be
errrm people tend to make an extension from the exhaust pipe to a car window slightly open (vacuum cleaner pipe)

why the hell are you asking this anyhow?
don't do it man
get help =D

hello :)
yes this is possible, people often commit suicide by attatching a hose to their exhaust pipe and feeding it through their window, and then closing all windows to capture the fumes......then they die! :)

Yeah it work allright but your goig to go stright to Hell and if you think you problems were bad here they wil be a 1000 times worse in Hell.

flamin- pants
fumes are still toxic even though fuel is lead free and modern highly efficient catalytic converters . you will most likely die from affixation.

Mustafa Leek
I believe it is, but would suggest you wear a seatbelt.

Yes. The car emits carbon monoxide, which is toxic.

ofcourse its possible. but how horrible. Would you really want to die like that in a deliberate infusion of polution. Its bad enough getting stuck behind a **** box car with exhaust fumes coming through the vents! Oh and if it didnt work you could end up with brain damage. Im sure your life cant be that bad. Well, it could be but you can fix it, its up to you

in a newer car it would take a very long time and would be very unpleasant. also very unpleasant for whoever finds the body.

Michelle H
Yes but a side effect is death.

Yea, but you have to make sure that it really does looks like a suicide, or the law will come and arrest you. I don't think you can get away with it. Just let them live okay?

No, it's doesn't work since they brought out catalytic converters.

Zoe V
It's very possible.
Let us know how you go with it. :-)

is the exhaust from an old car or a new one with converters and filters? the exhaust from my hybrid pretty much only gives out water- the exhaust from my friends '60 tbird smells toxic even while sitting in the car

It's possible but it also harms everyone else in the household and of course is never a smart Idea.

buddy don't kill yourself, if you're thinking about it then al least wait two years and seek help buddy

Mindy O

To Bob B

If you are asking the question because you are thinking of suicide, please, please really think about this. My dad killed himself in this way when I was 14 and it has been and always will be one of the central points of my life. I have had to live with guilt and the wondering what if - if he was still around.

It has taught me one thing though, life is worth living, the good, the bad and the ugly parts of it and I have vowed that no matter how down I ever get suicide is not the answer. It's also the reason that I vowed to never drink or take drugs when I am feeling depressed.

Instead of writing down on paper all your feelings before doing this, tell someone, anyone. Do it now. I am not going to tell you that nothing is ever that bad because I understand that sometimes it feels like it is. But can I just suggest that if your frame of mind suggests killing yourself that maybe you aren't in the right frame of mind to really think it through. Please call Lifeline or whoever your local telephone counselling service is


Honey you are very important, why else would you be here? Please consider your family friends and loved ones. There is help out there, please it is just a phone call away.

We have all gone through some of the cruelest things in life, I think that is to test us, and help us to become stronger, I am on anti depressants and I'm not ashamed of it, nor should you be ashamed if you are suffering depression, it affects all people, it doesn't discriminate,whether you are young old black white irish american australian doctor lawyer garbage collector, we all experience this in our life.

It is bloody hard, and you just want the pain to stop I understand that, but your life is so important and so are you. Please go to a doctor and have counselling, it is important part of recovery, it's not easy but you can do it, and start to heal, and enjoy being you.


Minny :-)

Um, I think so.

But don't.

It is, though.

But you have to consider the possibility, that someone might find you half way through the attempt, and you might have to live through the rest of your life with some serious side effects on your health, making things worse for you.

Why not just try life instead?

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