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Someone I know is selling drugs?
What should I do, the police dont seem interested

u little snitch

go fack urself

and thats exactly waht u should do

Best give me his mobile number I will check it all out 4 u!!!!!

i am. go and get me an ounce,4 eccies and a bit speed!!!

How much?

Angel K
It is unlikely that the police dont care. If you know the person is selling drugs and it makes you uncomfortable, avoid the person.
As a U.S. citizen it is your right to try and bring legal action on this person, but it will prolly be more trouble then it's worth.

If you cant beat them join them, if the police aren't interested you are in the clear. Always get the cash up front.

try some aswell, no serciously dont, and just stay away from it, its gets bad and if its in england u end up shooting people so stay away, and dont fall out with them incase they have a gun lol seems there off their head taking it init

stay away from them, if u have told the police once thats enough,stay out of trouble.drugs is not a simple matter!

dont do anything , unless they are controlling ur life , in the ways living next door causing noise disturbance , maybe u could drop a inn-ominous phone call , so they wil never know who u are . but just be care ful .

If the cops aren't interested, then you need to back off. Leave well enough alone & get the crap outta there. Don't hang with them at all. Stay out of the way and stay outta trouble.'

buy some , or call the cops ..

Chuck M
Talk to a teacher, counselor or your preacher. But, in either case, avoid this person like they were the Plague, because you wil be deemed guilty by association.

Hose Nose
Stay away from them. my sister-in-law was murdered for getting involved with drugs

talk to FRANK.

Stay out of it or you will get hurt. If the person finds out that you have been to the police, you are asking to get killed. Please stay away from that person and be very cautious. Let the police do what they have to do. Not all cops can be trusted either now adays. God Bless! Take care.

jean c
I suggest you write in to the chief constable of the town where you live and tell him that the police are not interested,i hope you got the number of the policeman who told you he wasn't interested. well done you may save someones life.

Rich S
The police probably dont seem interested,
But they may be watching this person and trying to find out their supplyers and couriers etc, as they probably want to catch all of the people involved rather than one dealer.
You have told them ,
Stay well away from the drug dealer

good grief - ive read a lot of these answers and to the ones who say dont snitch - bunch of cowards. Drug use is a blight to our young people, destroying communities while criminals make a fortune peddling narcotics that are mixed with god knows what with no consideration what so ever for the health of their customers. They are truly evil.
These scumbags rely on the fear of their local communities to continue unmolested by the police. The biggest cause of serious crime, organised crime and killings is the drug trade.

Steer well clear of these people. They are nothing but scumbags who would use you. If the police are doing nothing its because they dont think the person involved is a big enough catch - they will already know who the players are. Walk away and stay away.

its a job

how much???

stay out of it and away from it

sell story to newspapers :D they would love it that police is not interested, anyway i would do it;)

Buzz s
Talk to the right ones. Is there a drug squad in your area? Tell them. Tell the drug czar's people.

If you've talked to authorities with no response, then just try to avoid their company... the less involved you get, the best for you. That's not the kind of friend you want to have around, you could get in trouble, or even worst, lose your life just because you were around someone like that. Good luck!

i suggest to keep your distance because next thing u know they might want you to hold the drugs and you might get caught. Plus don't snitch just let someone else do that.

Dark Angel
get me a gram ,lol
no seriously, just avoid all contact, you dont want to go down that road.

Keep out of it, unless it is someone in your home. Then tell a someone you can trust. People who sell drugs attract the wrong kind of people. People who can harm you. If you feel like some of these people may hurt you call the cops again and again untill something is done about it.

Mind your own damn business before you get hurt!

Just stay away from them.

Jo Jo
YOu should have a serious talk with your friend and maybe even your friend's parents.

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