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Should you bust a blister from a burn?
my son has a burn on his leg, i was not sure if it is better to pop the blister or just to leave it.

Yes, but very carefully.

never burst blisters your just asking for touble if you do

Absolutely NOT. DO NOT touch the blister. Let it break on its own. You will have an increased risk for infection. Go to your doctor and get some silvadene cream for the burned areas.

i would think leaving it to heal itself would be better as once its popped there is raw skin underneath which could come into infection

funny face
leave it. apply antiseptic cream if it does burst by itself to keep it moist but germ-free

Leave it. If its big & likely to get knocked at school maybe you want to proect it with a plaster or bandage. Dont forget to tell his teacher

The best thing I have found to do for such a burn is to get a leaf from an Aloe plant, split it open, and tape it open side down to the burn. It'll heal in no time with no scars. If you pop the blister, a scar is a possibility. If no aloe plant is available, there are aloe gels available at Wal-Mart or other such stores. Not quite as effective as straight aloe.

Keep it intact and apply antibiotic ointment. The skin of the blister provides protection from infection.

Leave it, if it does burst it's a good place for infection so use a disinfectant on the area.

Leave it. The water under the skin is the bodies natural way of healing the burn. It will pop on its own. then keep antibiotic on it after that till healed

no .... it can cause infection , the blister will dry out itself

It is better to not bust the blister as more raw skin is exposed to bacteria and germs, I learned the hard way and ended up with gangrene setting over night. Loosely wrap it and allow it to burst on it's own and the keep antibiotic ointment on it.

Good luck

Leaving it to heal is always best.

After a few days or a week, relieving the fluid with a small needle might make you more comfortable and still preserve the healing.

I apply somethine like Bactine several times a day to prevent infection and keep a burn covered at first.

There will come a time it will burst on it's own if not relieved.

I personally think scarring could occur if it is burst too early.

Just leave it.... busting it could cause an infection....when you bust a blister you are making an entry for germs and bacteria to enter the wound.

Buzz s
If you burst it, you open up the opportunity for infections. This is something you don't want in a burn victim.

Don't do that. never bust blisters. take him to doctor

leave it!!!
The skin forms a natural barrier that keeps infection out...

You shouldn't bust a blister

If you do it will get infected. My nephews feet had bad burns and the doctor says if the blisters don't pop then the natural healing fluid inside will work better then any cream.

The body is trying to fix itself. I hope he feels better.

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