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Should you bathe once or twice a day? Should a man take a bath with his wife?

depends on what you like.. yea a man can take a bath with his wife..nothing wrong with that.

it mite be a romantic thing. turn the lights off, light some scented candles and maybe even have some rose petals.

Linda P
Technically, bathing every other day is better as it keeps your skin from drying out. Many years ago a bath was generally once or twice a week.

I'm sure you must be stinkin', Rufus. Go take a bath, you stinker!

And for the other part, go ask your wife!

Of course! What a strange question. Why would one NOT bathe? The George Carlin argument? French? (joke!)

Why not take a bath with your wife? Assuming you have a large enough tub, of course. Much easier to scrub the back.

you only have to bath once a day but i must admit i have 2 showers a day one in the am and one at night as far as bathing with your partner yes it can be fun ,romantic and of cause you save on water .

Married couples should always bathe together.

El flaco
I shower twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. Keeps me clean throughtout the day and throughout the night. Always bathe with your spouse when you can. Helps keep intimacy alive...

Once is a must but if you've been seating a lot or doing manual labor and so on then do 2-whatever is needed hygienic wise. Why not take a bath togtr-can be turn on and fun

Da Ben Dan
once or twice....sure saves on water

once, twice if you want. bad for your skin though. it'll be pretty crammed in that tub with two people and that might lose the desired effect. showers always work for that.

2 times a day if you sweat during the day, sure a man can bathe with the wife, girlfriend, partner who cares

Personally, I take a bath twice a day. When I wake up and before I go to bed. And yea you can. I mean, it is your wife. You can do whatever you want with her.

once is enough if not too much (not for smell sake but if you know anything about immunity bathing more than once a day id detrimental to the immune system)

as for you second question... hell ya

Andrew F
Unless you have a cultural or religious* obligation, there is no "should". Do what feels right.

You have good answers here already: bathe with your wife once a day to save on water. Short showers are better (but take whatever time you need for intimacy). Romance in the bathtub is good for relationships.

*To my knowledge, there is no Christian counterindication to shared bathing. 'Aa'ishah (radiallahu anha) and Mu'aawiya ibn Haida suggest that bathing with your spouse is permissable under sharia law.

onc is enufe unless u think u need more and yes i ouwld its a good thing not a bad but she or he dont have to.....

Hi,, I suggest at least once a day,, and I took a bath or shower with All my wives,,,, that can be (interesting)......and educational,, and fun.... at the same time.....

good luck

Cool Dude
Depends on what you do that day

If you and your wife are both comfortable with doing so

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