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no one
Should junk food be allowed in schools????
What is your opinion? Please nothing rude or inappropriate, thanks.

Racheal N 94
They need some carbs..lol. But really only heathy food...my schoools food sux.

Hell yeah.Its parents why kids are fat & lazy we were made to go out & play insted of sit in front of the Tv & play video games

♥ live for oxygen
it is in my school, yes


Kiley W
at my school it is

only if it is banned every other place

Sean Connery
Yes. People have a right to choose their own diet. Although Americans should cut down because a lot of us are fat slobs.

bungalow bill
As long as it sits quietly and doesn't disrupt the lessons,I think it should be allowed to learn, just like everyone else!! junk foods are people too, and should be given the same rights to a decent education!!

Love is inevitable
well yea and no
yes cuz (expessially with us girls) when we get a craving for something mabe the skool has it and you can go get it
no cuz some people dont know when enough food is enogh and they will eat a weeks worth in an hour and they get fat and destry their health

I think junk food's fine in school. It's your choice.

Although I do think that wrappers from the junk food people leave on the floor or ground isn't good. Maybe schools should discourage junk food more.

I think there needs to be choices. I don't really care if there is junk food in the vending machines, especially for the upper grades. But I think there should be healthy food options for the cafeteria food so that students that want to eat healthy can have a choice if they don't want to always pack.

*lilly* PRO-JONAS

Yes but I also think there should be better physical education too. Many of the public schools don't even have a pe period.

Justin O



NO, there are too many fat kids.

Casey D
Yes and no. My school acts as if they are striving to make a healthy community and stuff when they have many non-nutritious food. And no because we all lead different lives and school is taking from that already because we all are learning the sam way and we are in school 8 hours a day, thats 40 hours a week and thats a lot. School should not be able to change how we live.

Sues P
no there are to many obese chlidren now

No, because schools are always complaining that the students aren't eating right and it's affecting how good they do in school but having access to junk food is not making anything better

It's a good question however seeing that if you ban it kids will just bring it to school anyway I think not allowing it would be rather pointless. Kids need to learn for themselves to make healthy decisions.

no, schools should teach kids to eat healthy

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