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vicki h
Should a father sleep with his six year old daughter?
He climbs into her bed to read to her and just stays there all night. The marriage betwen mom and dad is bad. I am concerned.

It's probably not good for ANY parent to constantly sleep with their children as children do need to learn to be independant. But reading to his child & them falling asleep doesn't make him a pervert by any means.

Not a big deal. I have a seven yr old and that is not unusual, but we are in jammies.

Legally, no. Morally, it depends. If there is enough reason for it to worry you that the father would do that, then maybe. If you think something is going on then you should report it, but I wouldn't go and call the police or children services just on a hunch.

Although I have two kids, at different times in my marriage, I have slept with them to avoid sleeping with my husband. I wasn't about sleeping with them but avoiding him. I don't think it is fair to assume that something more is going on unless there are other indicators....Many parents share beds until much later than 6. That alone is no indicator. But, I would watch for any other signs.

and so
I'd be as well

if ur concerned then it may be more but ordinarily thats just a good dad

Absolutely not. Call Child Protective Services. He needs to be removed from the home immediately.

No not unless both parents are there like if the daughter was to come get in bed with them

because of childs age id say no id feel uncomfortable knowing the father was inside of the bed sitting on bed an reading is fine but no way should he enter the girls bed .father or not

Jackie. <33333
If this is a regular thing, that may be bad. It sounds like he is just a good dad. But there may be something more...

It may be harmless. Talk to him if you are concerned.

Warhorse X
Are they both naked?

If They are not, you should not worry about it.

But if they are,then that is Plain sick and report it to the authorities.

It's normal for a Dad to show his affection to his Daughter.
That includes sleeping on the same bed with her without any Malice.

it depends what kind of guy he is, if he's a scum bag he could be abusing her but maybe he just loves her.

Maybe you could video the whole night secretly... hire a private investigator to install a hidden camera. see if anything dodgy is going on.

I would say no. If you are the mother and this bothers you then sit down together and talk about it. If you are not the mother and it bothers you then maybe you should sit down with the mother and discuss your concerns.

no he should not.

Stimpson J. Cat
No, he should not sleep with a 6-year old girl.

no way!

Absolutley NOT.

I don't like to be judgmental, but it sounds pretty wrong if it's a regular thing.


No he shouldn't

No, that is not alright. Need to get that man out of the house and away from that child.

This is not correct, if by accident he falls asleep his wife should and needs to wake him up to go to his bed. One wonders what is going on here?

well it's ok he reads to her, but when she gets older like a teenager he might do more than just lay there if u know what i mean so don't let him sleep with her.

William T
Report him just to be on the safe side.If it turns out to be nothing then its nothing.

If the marriage would be in good conditions, there will be no questions asked and no suspicions. But in this conditions. Maybe a serious discussion is necessary before to call the cops.

NO WAY. If his daughter needs someone to sleep with she should go in the MOTHER & FATHERS room. Or if there is no mother he should sleep next to his daughters bed on the floor.

Bobbi N
ummmmmm CALL THE COPS get someone involved to get this matter looked into....waiting could lead to another child........oh i dont even wanna say or think this.....molesting/murder....anything is possible now.....

Monica W
I dont think that is healthy at all

Call Child Protective Services (CPS) and report this just to be safe.

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