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Should I take vitamin's when I go to bed or when I wake up?
I take Flinstone Kid vitamin`s beacuse they don`t mess up my perido or make me hungery. When is the best time to take them? At night? When I wake up? and so on.....

Da' Mattster
Definently to start your day off strong IN THE MORNING.

Thaddeus E
Just try and take them around the same time. This is just so you do not forget. Some people say it helps give them energy in the morning.

Dr. Lee Williams
Always when you wake up. The extra nutrients you ingest do you no good when you go to sleep and your body cannot utilize them.

Ricki F
when you wake up, and you should really take vitamins suitable for you age, you could be missing something. and if you get hungry eat.
if you take the correct vitamin it shouldn't mess with you period.

It's very important to take your vitamins with or after food. Especially if they have the ADEK vitamins (Vitamin A, D, E, and K). These are fat soluble and need to be taken with a little bit of fat to be absorbed and used by the body. If you take it at night they may not be absorbed properly.

In the morning.

once a day, when you wake up. and its Hungry. no e. and Period, not perido. please try to work on your spelling. its very annoying.

I use them all the time. I have to start taking them alot now because due to me losing a lot of weight I seem to have thinning hair so hopefully the flinstone vitamins will help grow my hair back...

I'm REALLY hoping that it will...

But i would suggest taking them when you wake up b/c if you take them at night, u might have trouble going to sleep.
So idk.....

At night was best for me.

Dave R
First thing in the AM, with water. I work at a residental elderly home and most take them with breakfast at 8:00 in the morning.

When you get up. Even vitamins doesn't need to sit in the stomach while you sleep. They digest better and quicker when you are up moving around.

in the morning

You can take vitamins anytime you wish...

you can take in morning only it is better and u can feel better becauses u will be doing some work it is used in that way the vitamin's

Mike H
Most vitamens don't have a time window for maximum effectiveness.

However, I take a one-a-day vitamen and the instructions say to take with food.

So, pretty much whenever is convenient for you.

Really don't think it matters what time of day, as long as you take one daily.

bling bling
i take my vitamins after lunch

life aint a fary tale
usualy in the morning so you dont forget or feel to tiered to have them

they say to take daily but the BEST Time is to take at night because you are going for 8-10 hours withOUT nutrition. during the day, you eat and drink randomly.

good question i might add

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