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Really sick. what can i eat without throwing up?
ok so i am really sick. (you might be able to tell from my other questions :P ) but anyways these are all my symptoms:

i have a major headache. im all friggin stuffed up can barely breathe. my throat hurts like hell, im so dizzy and not thinking straight. i have a 101.7 fever, i have thrown up endless times today but its stopped since about 8:00 pm, and I have a stomachache now. plus im freezing one second then im so frickin hot i cant bare it. and im really tired.

so whenever i eat, i throw it up. so is there anything i can eat without throwing up?

thanks...im starvng

Spider Pig
try candies first, it will calm your nerves, then saltine crackers.

samantha r
little by little saltines and gingerale.

Pure Beauty

Mashed potatoes are good. They will stick to you and probably won't make you hurl. But don't put anything like gravy and stuff in them, a little butter is fine. Also, drink some powerade. It will keep you hydrated. Hope you feel better.

try toast or plain things - it easier for the stomach to handle!!! Get Well.

Take Tylonel for the fever. Drink gatoraide or poweraide to replace the electrolites. Start with a small sip. Wait 20 minutes. If it stays down, another small sip. Another 20 minutes. Then you can eat a cracker. But give everything time in between. Your stomach is throwing everything back cuz you have a bug or something. Go to the Doctor if it continues.

try eating some saltines or crackers or a piece of bread.
drink lots of fluids.
cant say if any of it will make you throw up again or not, but it will help get you better sooner.
also, if your fever goes up or your symptoms continue to get worse see a doctor.
if its the flu they have medication that you can use within 72 hours of onset of symptoms that will make the symptoms subside

Start with ice first. That way you can see how your stomach reacts then you can advance from there.

i wouldn't eat anything until you can keep water down... so only drink water.

then, maybe tomorrow, eat things that are EASY to digest- applesauce, bananas, rice, toast, etc. And make sure to KEEP DRINKING WATER because you'll need to stay hydrated!

I hope you feel better!

saltine crackers,
plain toast

dont eat anything for a while
if you are so sick than why are you on the computer??
go get some rest

Junesia A
Did you try soup and crackers, if u didnt try it, if u still punking everything you need to go to the doctor for a check up

Prickle's Back!
try some rice and bananas and toast. hope you feel better soon. can you see the doctor?

did you try crackers, pudding, or jello.

Try saltine crackers or maybe even applesauce.

Qc W
Just try some luke warm chicken broth and water or clear soda. Eventually work your way into saltine crackers; but be sure the chicken broth stays down before you try solids.

chicken soup? if not maybe your not ready for solid foods yet, just keep hydrated with lots of liquids.
Hope you feel better really soon!
Hugs! :0)

Dry things absorb the acid in your stomach. Too much acid makes you want to puke. that's why so many people who are nauseous eat crackers or dry toast and such.
Anything 'wet', sugary, buttery, or dense will only add to the nausea.

Chips don't count as 'dry'.

Sir Readalot
Try a little soup.

please go to the er.

7up jello or broth..see a dr asap

stuff like toast (hold the butter) and saltines, dry cerial (no sugary or marshmallowie things, maybe ginger aile, if you think you can handle it

Come on guys - CHICKEN SOUP -
No food wil stop you from throwing up - pick one that may be easy on you when you do. Need the fluid in the soup -

Nathan W
i have to agree with Saltine Crackers. Drink lots of water. If you cant hold that down very long, then you might want somebody to take you to your physcian. Just get lots of rest also!!

Baby Waffles
crackers, and toast with nothing on it

It's called the BRAT diet:
Rice krispies
Apple sauce

Also, sip clear fluids to keep from getting dehydrated (but NOT soda or sports drinks).

This may work for you, it may not. When I get sick and throw up a lot, I make sure to stay hydrated. Just keep fluids in you. As long as you don't drink too much and throw up, it should help to fill you up a bit. As for food, neutral things. Not strong flavors. Maybe some plain crackers or bread, at least just to start you off until you can work your way to chicken noodle soup.

The man in the back
Boiled carrots. You can drink the water, too.

Yeah sodium crackers have always been the easiest on my stomach when sick.

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