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OK I weigh 145 lbs. Ever pair of socks I wear i get this ring on my ankle, WHY?
Is it a health issue ?

you may have fluid retention which means your anckles might be a bit swollen, if so, prop them up and rest for awhile and stay off the salt.

Because your socks are too tight due to the size of your ankles.

The socks are too tight for your ankle. Try buying bigger socks or ones that do not come up so high.

Are you diabetic? If so, you can buy socks without elastic made for this condition. They won't stay up though - lol. If you aren't, you may be retaining water (body fluid) for some other reason. You should ask your doctor who may prescribe diuretics. Fluid retention can be as benign as a PMS factor or as serious as Heart Failure. Best to know for sure.

are they tight around your ankles? what does weight have to do with it?

That happens to most everyone. It doesn't matter how much someone weighs. They could be 70 lbs, 100 lbs, or 150 lbs. It is only because of the elastic. Elastic tends 2 do that. It is not a health issue, well unless it starts cutting off your circulation. Ok.

Everyone gets those, pal. I haave this weirder thing where if my fingers are in water for a long time, the skin starts to get pruney. WEIRD!

Your socks are to small

no everyone has a ring around their ankle after wearing socks the socks maybe to tight

you have CANKLES...you need a diet

you are suffocating your ankles or possibly cutting off the circulation of the blood flow from your ankles. most people who are slightly to extremely overweight experience this problem.

I am sorry but i have no idea what you talking about.sorry buddy

It is the tightness of the elastic in the socks. It probably means you have socks that aren't the right size.

The ring is simply a dent in the skin from the pressure of the elastic at the top of the sock that is supposed to hold the sock up. The rings will go away in a short time on their own after you take the socks off. Not a real health issue.

You can stretch the top of the socks a bit to try to loosen them slightly.

i don't know.

It may be ur socks are too tight for ur probably veluptuous figure. Invest in some crew socks that dont go high up ur ankle, or cut the part off.

The elastic is snug. But, that same snug, ring-making elastic is what keeps your socks from falling down. :)

Maybe you have most of your weight around your ankles or basically just have smelly feet???

are the socks too tight? if not maybe just poor circulation as somebody already mentoned. or maybe slight lymphedema?


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