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My wife has Green eyes, I have Blue, is it genetically possible for our soon to be child to have brown eyes?
Or any other color for that matter, from what I understood, since we both have a recessive gene for eye color, that it would be impossible for any of our children to have darker color eyes. However, I could also be completely wrong.
Additional Details
ack ok, to the idiots who read this question.... I'm not debating on if the child is mine! We were simply talking about the eye color we think the baby will have and realized we were taught two different things, so I thought I'd ask all of you! I don't need a paternity test and she doesn't have a boyfriend.....idiots.

It is possible! I have green and my husband has blue eyes. His parents have blue and hazel eyes. My parents have blue and brown eyes. My three sons were born with blue eyes wich turned green and Both my daughters were born with Brown eyes.
they both look like my fathers side of the family. My father was the one with brown eyes.

My mother and father have brown eyes. I got hazel(brown/green) eyes and my sister got hazel (green/blue)... These colors came from my grandparents. Your child may get eye colors from a grandparent or great grand parent.

based on my school studies, ur child can NOT have brown eyes.. like u said.. brown is dominant.. so, if any of u had brown genes, then they would have, like, prevailed over the green and blue ones, cause green and blue are recessive

Not according to my first your genetics proff, cause Brown is the dominant colour and if either of you had the gene for it it would be prevalent in you, but you both have the recessive colour gene.

I have green-blue eyes and my husband has blue eyes, but our son has dark blue eyes, so it's okay. But the parents of a girl that i know (neighbours) have brown eyes, but their girl has blue eyes, she has the same color as her grandmother.

Jennifer F
If the grandparents eyes are of a different color then yes, it's completely possible. My husband and I both have hazel eyes and our daughter has blue eyes like my mother. Genetics are a funny thing, so don't be alarmed if the baby is born with an eye color neither of you have.

Yes, it is possible for a child to not have the eye color of his/her parents. Genes from past relatives can be carried down to another generation. Say a father had hazel eyes. Five generations later a child has the same hazel eyes, yet the child's parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc had a different eye color. These type of genes are still active in the DNA, but it may not be used until it is passed down to a child. It may help to know that brown eyes are dominant.

Gossamer Moondancer
it is genetically impossible.

fresh princess
if wither of your parents or grandparents had brown eyes its likely

It's entirely possible - IF both of you carry the gene. Which, more than likely, you do, since brown eyes are the dominant gene and blue and I think green are the recessive ones. (Meaning, both of your parents had to carry the blue eyed gene for you to have blue eyes.)

I believe if you have the gene for darker eyes like a parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, or great-great-grandparent and anyone one of those grandparents that it is possible to get darker eye colors even though both partners have light color eyes. It's just digging in the deep gene pool. But yes it is possible in my opinion.

If your parents or her parents have brown (or any other color) eyes, you may have a baby with that color. Eye color gene skips one generation, so it depends on your parents.

Mr. Hendricks
it is possible if your parents had a different color of eyes than you.

get a paternity test it will answer all your questions.

What if she has a boyfriend?

Yes it is possible if one of either of your parents has brown eyes. Because neither of you have brown eyes, and if one of either of your parents do then you still have the gene for brown eyes, however it is recessive.

eye color is the most complicated factor in predicting what you will get. anything can happen and they are not sure why. there is only one color and all colors are really shades of that color.( same pigment) this is true

There is a WONDERFUL site that you can input both parents eye colors (and their parents) and it will tell you the percentages of what you offsprings eyes could be!


Down near the bottom left it will have the link for you to launch the application to do the test.

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