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My tempture is 96.7 degress why?
I'm sick with nasal congestion,a sore & itchy throat, and red blotches on my forehead that won't go away. When I take my tempture it's says 96.7. Why could it be so low?

its fine my normal temp is between 96.2 and 97.5
it depends on how your body is and the themometer your using

Miss Verlaine
The temperature of your body will vary. Most doctors recommend recording your temperature over a period of time when you're not sick to get a baseline measure. Yours actually isn't that low.

Did you take it in the armpit? This is an inaccurate measure. Try buying one that measures from the ear, which is the most accurate.

Just because you have a cold or mild illness doesn't mean it will lead to a FEVER, which is what the temperature is measuring. Mild illness will not necessarily raise your temperature.

But if you concerned, seek professional advice.

The DoomsdayClock
Hmm if it wasn't summer I'd say because you don't want to go to school, guess you're sick but have no fever (high temp), happens sometimes.

Mine always runs low like that...even when I'm sick....it's annoying

I think that 98.6 is simply an average and there is a range above and below that most people fall into....we (you and I) must be on the low side of the range

Because you're sick. When you become healthy again, your temperature will rise.

Your temperature is perfectly normal - many people don't have 98.6 degree temperature. Mine is never higher than 97. Get well soon.

You are not running a fever you should be glad. You would be lucky if it doesn't get any higher.

Some peoples temperatures generally do run low- mine for instance is usually around 97. degrees... Is it normally low?

Everyones temperature is regulated by the hypothalamus gland and 98.6 is just an average temp.Without having a comparison temp from when you weren't sick it's hard to tell if this is normal.I've read as low as 94 in the hospital and noone seemed at all alarmed.Could just be a fluke or a drop in core body temp due to inactivity.You may want to speak to a doctor about the other symptoms particularly the blotches if you've taken any medication to rule out an allergic reaction

every woman
Perhaps your symptoms are only viral...

Mine also runs below normal,some peoples run a little high and that's normal. As far as the other stuff,see your doc.

it think you saw something scary.

You are an alien and you are not used to Earth germs.

First of all you need to know what is your normal temperature. Keep a thermometer by your bed and for 2 weeks before you get up in the morning write down your temperature. It is more accurate if you take it under your arm. Then figure your average. Mine is 92.7. So when i have a temperature like you I am sick. try it

The red blotches that won't go away tell me you should probably call a health care practitioner.

I'm sick too and had a fever
But you need to make sure went you take your temperature you don't move your thermometer.
Get well

There are a couple of reasons. First, you may be naturally cold -- do you know what your temp is when you're healthy? 98.6 is just an average. Second, your thermometer may be broken or have a low battery. Third, with the nasal congestion you may be breathing slightly through your mouth when you take your temp, making it an inaccurate reading.

Presuming that your normal temperature is about 98.6 and this is an accurate reading, this is an uncommon but not unheard of reaction to being sick. Not all germs make your temp go up -- think of all the times you've had a cold that you didn't have a fever.

Still, I'd probably call my doc, not because of the low temp but because of the rash -- probably want to get that looked at.

Hope you feel better!

you are weak
and below normal
which is not normal

It is because you are sick. Another reason why this can be like this is because not everybodys body temp will be normal. Everyone is different.

Hope You Feel Better Soon!!!!


that's the norm for you
mine is 97.4 unless i'm ill
sounds to me like you have allergies
but i'm no doc

fever happens when your body elevates your temperature in attempt to kill the pathogen inside you.
you having a nasal congestion means that the part in your oropharynx or nasopharynx are already swelling, itching, bla blah blah (the 5 signs of inflammaton) but it seems that the pathogen is not yet generalized (affects your whole body) maybe it is not enough to trigger the the body's immune system to increase your body's temp. so voila! 96.7! a normal body temp manifests.
hehehe! hope this helps

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