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thanks for the ...

My pulse is 104 when im sittin down [resting] is that okay?..?
i used to have anxiety attacks..havent had one in a while but my heart still goes fast sometimes..the doctor says its from the anxiety..and ive had my heart checked out and they say its fine..but is my pulse okay when im resting???
Additional Details
i have no respitory problems..that i know of..i have had my thyroids checked..and im 18 years old!

Martin S
Is Michael Vick in the room with you? If so, then I understand why.

Its a bit high but don't worry. perhaps you are anxious about your pulse.

104 is perfectly fine for your age.

That's rather high. The normal range tends to be anywhere from 60-80 BPM. However, as you have been examined by medical professionals and have received no negative diagnosis, you shouldn't be too worried.

there are a great many factors that affect heart rate, you don't mention your age, or whether you smoke, or if you have any respiratory conditions. 104 is only slightly elevated, not enough to cause any concern.

Cheshire George
Am the the same. On beta blockers to slow it down after loads of tests. Please see your GP again (doctor) as soon as you can for more tests.

NO NO NO your pulse is way too high, normal readings are from 68 to about 75 (which I know is normal). I have high blood pressure and am on 2 medications to bring it down to a normal reading. They also take my pulse when I get BP checked, obviously there's a problem when it's reading 104 - please get to a Dr. ASAP!

Depends on what age you are and if you have any other medical conditions or are taking meds which would effect HR. Here is a standard list

Age Normal heart rate
(beats per minute)[1]
newborn 120-160
0-5 months 90-140
6-12 months 80-140
1-3 years 80-130
3-5 years 80-120
6-10 years 70-110
11-14 years 60-105
14+ years 60-100

Joseph P
I'm not well adept in medicine, however I am some what health conscious and I know that a pulse like that is not healthy. Your heart is beating almost 2 beats per second...The best thing to do is go to a doctor. Watch what your eatting, cut out sugar and caffine in the mean time. And try to relax. Try not to worry about anything...

Remember, There is nothing that you can do that is going to change the events of tomorrow...Live your life to the fullest, and don't get stressed...Trust in God to supply all your needs.

60-100 is normal...I'd say 104 is almost within normal range so you are fine.

Since the doctors have not found anything stop taking your own pulse. U are just up setting yourself. Try some meditation instead. Yoga is also good. Or go for a walk.

no idea go to different doctors hopefully u get better ;)

no that is high. have you had your thyroid checked? when i was having anxiety attacks when i was 13, several doctors tried to convince me it was no big deal. but when my family doctor noticed my resting pulse was high (higher than yours, but still), combined with the anxiety attacks, he had my thyroid levels checked. turns out my thyroid gland was extremely hyperactive and i had to have it removed. please see your doctor and ask him to check your levels. so many people don't even realize they have this condition, and you would be surprised how many ways it can affect you.
good luck!

Hi, my pulse isn't that high when I'm walking,I think you should get a second opinion!! Good Luck

Listen to your doctor. Although your heart checks out fine, the anxiety is enormously stressful and can lead to heart disease in a remarkably short time. Undoubtedly your doctor offered you an anti-anxiety medication. Take it as directed. If you still experience the rapid heart rate after using the medication for a month, go back to the doctor; you may need a stronger dose or a different medication. Those anti-anxiety drugs - anxiolytics - like all medicines, are not a "one size fits all" kind of medicine.
A resting pulse rate of 104 is too high. It should be 80 or lower.

Sam has good advise. It is kind of high for resting. It seems that you are in pre-anxiety mode.
While resting, try putting on a relaxation CD. Also, get some Lavender oil, mix it with "Grain Alcohol then spray it around your bed, chair, room. It will not only relax you but help with good sound sleep.

Monica M
That is probably not optimum, depending on your age. A very healthy adult will have a resting heart rate of 60 or less. You might try a meditation practice to relieve the anxiety and calm you. Some Yoga practices will train you on that process. You can also use these techniques in short intervals as you start to feel anxious, or feel your heart racing. Good luck!

A normal pulse rate for a healthy adult, while resting, can range from 60 to 100 beats per minute (BPM). During sleep, this can drop to as low as 40 BPM; during strenuous exercise, it can rise as high as 200–220 BPM. Generally, pulse rates are higher in younger people. A resting heart rate for an infant is as high as or higher than an adult's pulse rate during strenuous exercise.

it depends on different things, medicines can effect your heart rate, temperature, stimulants and stress levels also.
When i was a smoker my resting pulse was in the 90's, and now (8months and alot of gym time later) my resting pulse is in the high 60's.
Try to conciously lower your pulse, by thinking calm thoughts, clearing your mind and forced relaxing. If you can lower your heart rate (even slightly) then your high pulse rate may be mainly due to stress.

Good luck

john s
that is an abnormally high pulse. one thing that would take it down would be to exercise. that builds up the body and helps the heart if you are having problems. worked with me, i started with a BPM of 107 normally and after a daily workout of a half an hour over a year or so, my resting heartrate is 55-60 BPM

Go Bears!
That is kinda high for a resting heart rate... I average is in the 80's... I would work on some relaxation techniques.

Really fit adults may have RHRs around 60. The rest of us may have RHR as high as 80.
Did your doctor choose not to treat your anxiety? Do you take a lot of nicotine or caffeine or any other substances or medications which may affect heart rate?

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