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My nine year old has started dating and she wants birth control, whats a good kind for pre-teens?

ok, i know you're joking, the girls hasn't even reached puberty yet.

Are you FREAKIN' CRAZY???? Find something better to do with OUR time and go HELP someone instead of making up crap like this.....

I speak French ... Bonjour
you are a kook for letting your nine year old date! that is way too young! she should start when she's 11 1/2 or 12. and birth control? NO WAY! She shouldn't have even gotten her period yet so don't worry about that. she is not even a 'double digit' yet! you need some mental therapy for this. AND NINE YEARS OLD IS NOT A PRE TEEN! she is just a little girl, and she should act like a little girl too.

its ok just now....the trouble starts when she starts bleeding......remember the saying "old enough to bleed old enough to breed".....you have a couple of years to go b4 you have to start birth control..............so don't panic just now.....

A nine year old shouldn't be dating, even left alone with boys. Even with birth control, what about STD's???????????


carly f
what r u thinking she is 9 years old u must be crazy to even let her date u should be reported

Danielle C
DO NOT GIVE YOUR NINE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER BIRTH CONTROL! You should talk to her about why she needs it first. Are you serious? She shouldn't even be dating at nine!

At 9 years old? What the hell is wrong with you? Act like a parent for crying out loud. No way would I let my daughter do anything like that. She shouldn't be on birth control. She should be in her room playing with Barbies!!!


She probably hasn't reached puberty yet so little chance of pregnancy but she could be one of the youngest kids in school to contract an STD.
She needs counseling....as do her parents.

Nick the Dick
Actually she shouldn't worry if she is not ovaulating ... just tell him to blow his load in her until she gets her period...

If she already has her period ... then tell her to get him to pull out and let him spunk on her stomach!

you've got to be kidding...birth control for a nine-year-old?!?!

Ur a sick man. I hope u don't really have a child.

This is a smart@ss who likes to ask obnoxious questions. Ignore him.

Repeat that again ? Your 9 year old ? Whats wrong with you ? If I were you I would wip her *** for even thinking like that. Do you have any control over your children ? Then if not you need Jenny Jones, Maury, and Jesus !!!!!

are you the parent from hell???!!??? I hope you're joking. You better be or I'll call the state.

Sonny Boy
A parent that doesn't allow it!!!!

lololol. you can't be serious.

I am hoping that your question is just a very sick joke. No decent father would allow his child to do such things. It's absolutely disgusting.

Calling Child Protective Services......NOW.

Why on earth would a nine year old start dating? I feel like she is way too young. There's nothing wrong with being friends with boys and hanging out. There's no rush to start dating. I have a nine year old and I don't think she's mature enough for that right now.

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