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My foot has been numb for 8 hours...?
It's been like that since I woke up this morning. I thought I slept on it or something but I wasn't in an odd position when I woke up. The numbness is just in my left leg, prominent in my foot. I feel it in my calves too.

It's not complete numbness, I can still walk without tripping; but I can tell. I found this strange, too. I cannot go on my tippy toes with my left leg. When I try, the heel is forced down.

What's wrong?
Additional Details
I have no medical history. I used to have asthma, but that was it. I walked to school and home.. so it may not be poor circulation.

leila rose
Go to the doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that could be the sign of many bad things

Hi! I think it's better for you to search a neurologist's help... Your history, besides being short and with no other comment, and with no physical examination data, suggests a neurological problem, like a lumbar root nerve compression (for any cause), or a peripheral neuropathy... Vascular and CNS pathologies must also be ruled out for your case. So, it would be wise to search for the help of a doctor!
Best wishes!

Jeffreypooky H
where do u live? i no a girl from school by that name.

Joe'z 1st luv
I'm not a doctor so i can't answer this question accurately but i went to this website and it gave me some possible reasons for your numbness. u should still go to a doctor because numbness for 8 hours is completely NOT normal.


It is possible that you have pinched a nerve. MY mom is a nurse. laya down and elevate your leg for about 20 minutes. if it doesnt go away see a doctor immediately.

Put it in warm water for a few minutes to improve the blood flow.If no improvement just rest it overnight. BUT
If you have other symptoms on the same side , call a doctor immediately.

If the left side of your body is going through numbness or some kind of pain, you should go to a doctor immediately. It could be a symptom for a heart attack. Although you might not have medical history,have you gone through stress lately? Have you had fast food eating habits? Do you feel chest pain? Consult your physician as soon as possible.

Poor Circulation....what about ur left arm or hand?? Go to the hospital as soon as you can...that is not good

it's your own fault
What's wrong, What's Wrong! hahahaha. What's wrong is, that you need a doctor, but you're too lazy to get away from the computer to go see one.

Do you have a doctor you can call? It may be nothing but it could be a sign of something more serious.


Do you have any history of circulatory problems? Diabetes? Blood clots? Have you ever had a back or hip injury?

If it were me, I'd go to the doctor tomorrow if it doesn't get better overnight.

u need to go to the doctors it could be a blood clot

maybe you pinched a nerve?

go to the doctor

mks 7-15-02
Call Your Doctor.

please get check out at the hospital!
ASAP. anything li ke that on the left side is a sure sign of HEART problems or attack coming on.

You could have a pinched nerve or worse a blood clot. If there is ANY swelling, get to the hospital NOW!!

see the doctor quickly, you have stop the circulation and it could become serious.

call your Dr NOW
it can be very serious

Go to your doctor right away, it could be serious and get worse while you are watching this replies. PLS hurry!

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