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My daughter is doing meth while pregnant & I want to know if baby will be tested when born for drugs.?
My 24 yr old daughter is hooked on crank. She already lost her 7yr old to CPS who put her in fostercare, then gave to her dad who she never saw since he was 1 because he beat my daughter.he's the one who got my girl started on crank at 16. I raised grandchild 1st 2 years, but court says dad has right to her because now he test no meth in body, only pot and they say in calif that's something they will work with him on. He just wanted out of paying child support. Now she is 7 months preg w/another baby and says oh baby is fine. But I think baby will test with crank in its system and CPS will take it too. SHe can't take care of her self, I know that, but I am scared they put baby in foster care instead of giving to me to take care of. The CPS worker very mean and I think maybe I should get lawyer? Don't know what to do, but want to know if baby will be born with drugs in system? This baby has dad in jail already for drugs too. My daughter trying to go to rehab, but none take CA Medical.

Emily Rose
maybe your daughter should stop doing drugs then?

Whoa....Sounds like you and your family need to take her on that show Intervention. Hey, it's worth a try. She needs serious help. Those poor children.....I think you should get the law involved, because she's putting another life in danger. I hope all works out for you.....

The baby will be born with the drug in her system. She will be a meth baby, the type of kid who, in elementary school, stays in the back of the room washing her hands. It is awful and by all means, do everything you can for your grandbaby! I'm rooting for you!

If the doctors suspect that she is doing drugs throughout her pregnancy, they will probably test her and the baby at the time of delivery and the baby will be removed from her custody. You, as the grandparent can petition the court for custody.

Try teen challenge.

It's a faith-based drug rehab program that is so successful, it has expanded beyond the teen program it was developed to be.

The baby will most likely be born with an addiction and possible defects iif you daughter doesn't stop.

Corey Burnett
I know in Illinois the hospitals do. They test for several things. And if your tested positive DCFS takes your baby away

Mike C
you should really get her some help. I think the baby on drugs being born is the least of your worries. i would be more concerned with the right now, as in birth defects etc. Drugs in the system can not be good for a baby who is relying on the mother for survival.

Get her checked into a clinic right now. Give that baby a fighting chance at least.

If the dad is out of the picture and your daughter doesn't want it, I think you are next in line, assuming that you can provide a good life for the child.

first of all your daughter is old but you are still her mother so put her in rehab remember your grandchild is at risk

Yes the baby will be tested but she really needs 2 stop its probably goona lead to complications

first and foremost she needs help now before its too late!!

I love angels
I am sorry. My daughter at age 19 found herself addicted to Crack...fortunately she got help...it did take her a long time though. She is 23 now (thankfully not married) and does not have any kids.

Your question regarding a lawyer is a good one and I think that is a great idea. There are many lawyers that will give a free hour for a consult...or there is legal aide.

Good luck, my prayers are with you and your grandchildren.


Yes they will test it and yes they will take it away from her....not only can they take it away but she can be charged with child endangerment. Is she so self centered and wrapped up in her own needs that she can't take a little time off from drugs for the sake of her baby?!? What do you think the crank is doing to that childs development inside her womb. You are the mother, you should kick her azz into next week first then keep her under your thumb until the child is born......why should her unborn child be made to suffer for her drug habit it is sheer stupidity to let this continue

power of 3
if she doesn't stop then there could be something terribly wrong with the baby.. the baby could die or be a disabled for the rest of their life..do something before it's to late,if it's not already to late..

If the mother is taking drugs then the baby is taking the drugs too.

First, I would like to tell you how sorry I am with the situation you are in. With your question regaurding the soon to be little one, If your daughter is a avid user on meth more than likely the baby will have an addition to it. In a lot of situations CPS can come in and take the child .
Meth is a very scarey drug. It is made in so many ways and it can deystroy the ones we love. Unfortuantley You can not help them until they want the help.
By the way the letter sounds, it seems that you are willing to take in the child once he/she is born.???? The best advise that I can offer would be contact an attorny and go that route for custody of the child. Most CPS agencies are more than willing to see an extraxted child put into the home of a suitable family member. You can always call CPS and expain to them the situation and if you pass there background check you can end up with the child.
If you have had a problem with one of the workers at the CPS agency you can always request to speak to the supervisor.
I know that it is hard to deal with when they are short with you and seem angry or mean, but try to remember that they deal with seeing children of all ages everyday in situations like this and much much worse.
As far as your daughter getting rehab... she has just got to keep looking and calling numbers. There are places out there for her. If worse comes to worst contatc a local law enforcement agency and see if she fits their marchman or baker act criteria. That way the rehab facility can not turn their heads.
I wish you and your family luck...

yes baby will have drugs in it.

i would have your doctor help set up an appointment for a test when the baby is born to make sure that he/she is healthy. if the baby needs medical attention then you should get it ASAP! if you aren't convinced that the baby is OK then you should get a second test or a second opinion on the subjuet. but you NEED to get your daughter into a rehab for crank. if you dont this baby may end up being a miscarraige, die at a young age, be put into foster care, or even be born with a crank addiction. if you dont get your daughter some help...than the chances are that this baby will be born into a hard life. and nobody wants that for their grandchild. you can be his/her savior here.

♥im turkey pizza girl♥
i was watching Oprah maybe you want to get her to go there, to the Caron Foundation, a drug treatment facility in Pennsylvania.

yes ,they test all the time now ,and socail services will remove the child ,as first it will have to be weaned off these drugs ,what a silly girl ,she really need to seek help,and if i were u i would get a solicitor while shes still pregnant and make a written agreement that the child will reside with you,its ur only hope ,,,god bless

I would alert the authorities immediately. Let them know before it comes to you as some huge shocker when they take the baby from her at birth. Let the proper people take care of her and her unborn child. Either way she is going to be arrested for child endangerment and she will be sent to a halfway house for treatment until the court system deems her worthy of caring for a child. Children Services. Do you not live in the United States of America?

The baby will definitately be born with drugs in its system, DUH!! Poor Poor Poor thing!!! The poor baby will have to go through withdrawl which I have heard is hell coming down off of crank. No offense to your daughter, but women like this need to have their tubes tied. I just about puked when I read this question. I HATE the fact that soooooooo many women who would love to have children cannot, but irresponsible drug addicts like this breed like stinking rabbits. There is something wrong with the system. It should be a law that any woman having 1 helpless child whom test positive for ANY drug should have there tubes tied immediately. THIS MAKES ME F'ing SICK TO MY STOMACH!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Chiro
The baby is in danger of being born alive, let alone testing positive for drugs. Meth is a horrible drug, and the baby should be taken away from her. She needs to be in rehab.

yikes, tell her to stop making babies if she cant get clean, That poor baby will be hooked for sure.

Tiny Dancer
Yes they will take the baby, and the baby will most likely be born with noticeable deffects and a weak immune system. For any chance of saving the new baby, she has to stop right now! Call a rehab center that takes everyone in (there are many).

What is wrong with you.If this was my son or daughter doing the drugs there would be no force on earth that would stop me from making her/him stop.I would go to jail before letting them contaminate my grandchildren with that crap.
This country needs to wake up and deal with the issues you just described.

shirley e
First of all dont blame all of your daughters problems on the men in her life. She is the one who chose to do the drugs. I am sorry that you are going through this. But your daughter doesnt need ANY kids at all. But back to your question, if the doctor has any idea that your daughter is on drugs they will test the baby. They will probably test it anyway.

Jimithy â„¢
That's too bad. Meth is a big problem where I live. I've lost friends to it (no, they didn't die, not yet, but they'll never be the people I knew and loved before again). I really hate to hear that.

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