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mary d
My daughter is coughing so bad when she lays down, she vomits. what can I do?

I would suggest you take her to the ER and seek for some medical attention. Coughing isn't abnormal but when it gets to the point were they're throwing up then this is a concern.

Now I'm no Doctor and have no M.D but sounds like she may have a chest cold or someone in the household smokes around her and this could be 'causing the problem.

Take her to the Doctor ASAP, but if this is interrupting her sleep and continues to be a problem then take her to ER.

Try to have her sleep in a sitting position. Put her on a recliner if you have one. If not try to prop her up on pillows or the arm of a chair. How old is she? Try to get her in to see a doctor tomorrow.


teddy bear
buy her some tynenol cough liquid medicine it really works it can allow her to sleep and coughing gets better

Take her to the doctor!

take her to the emergency room!!! and quick! she may have the flu

Don't f*ck around with that, get her to a clinic or the ER...a kids symptoms can get worse quickly, if she's vomiting she can dehydrate fairly fast....go to the ER.

take her to the doctor, give her medicine, make sure she's not allergic to anything, don't give her milk, give her a lot of water but make sure the medicine you give her will relief her, most importantly, pray to God! don't just ask him to do things for you, thank him for everything (first), tell him to help everyone else out there with need too. (Pray day and night) I'll pray for her, too. Bye.


Please take her to the hospital ASAP.Good luck dear

old man
see a doctor straight away

If you love your daughter you will take her to the ER now anything anyone says on here can help her cause you obviously dont know what she has so therefore you cant cure something you dont know what it is! Please take her to the ER something sounds wrong!

go to the emergency room

Liana N
Keep her sitting up, rub her back, just do your best to comfort her. Once she's through her crisis, prepare to make a doctor's appointment. Also, once she can keep it down, give her some basic cough medicine and see if that will make her more comfortable for a bit.

coughing tends to get worse when you lie down. Prop her up with some pillows and put a warm mist vaporizer by her bed, and give her some cough syrup.

Time for a visit to the Emergency Room. That is too hard of a cough and it could signal a more serious illness than the common cold. Tonsilitis, flu, strep throat come to mind. All need the help of a doctor and especially with children.

The best thing that I can tell you that the doctor told me when my 5 yr old did that, is to sit them up as much as I could. It is nothing that you can do for them, but make sure they drink plenty of fluids. Also, I put some chest rub on her and that kinda soothed her.

Take her to the doctor or emergency room. She is having bronchitis when this is happening and needs an antibiotic.

Bring her to the ER for a treatment (or at least call your pediatric doctor). I won't advise taking anything at this point because you have provided very little information but you need to get that cough under control.

It's probably because she is coughing that hard. She needs to be seen by the doctor. ASAP.

take her to the docters and if they cant do anything and it happens again take her to the emergency room.They may want to keep her there over night or for a couple days to test her.

emergency room!!!!

oh my gosh this happened to me last night
i have a cold right now and when i would
lay down to go to bed my coughing would get
so bad it was a pain in the butt i propped pillows
under my head until i fell asleep then my mom
carefully took a few away so i wouldnt get a
neck ache anyhow i hope she gets better
colds are no fun at all! oh and she doesnt have
to go to the Emergency Room its not that serious


yea take her to a doctor or to the ER, cause if she lays down, she could possibly choke or drown in her own vomit

ask me a
use your instincts........how is she otherwise, is she just throwing up from being in a laying down position? Some children vomit easily. If she is not too sickly, prop her up with pillows and use a vaporizer, and cough medicine, but keep an eye on her. Comfort is all she wants, sick children need extra lovin along with their moms! Take care!~

Young child? Adult? Other symptoms?

Have her sit in an easy chair or prop her up so she can get some rest.

A little sugar or a little salt dissolved in the mouth will help slow the cough. If this is a young child, and you are scared either take her to the emergency room or call 911.

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