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My daughter has head lice again - what is the best thing to get rid of them - fighting a losing battle - help!
tried all headmarks stuff
vinegar in water
constant combing with nit comb
the scool have been informed
she has long hair and does not want to have it cut - she has given them to me in the past and i have very short hair.
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the last lot i had out were all dead - thank goodness. she was not scratching etc - how often should i be checking her
she hates going through it and i hate doing it as i know it upsets her -

my daughters both had them unfortunately because there are no nit nurses any more some people never get told they have got them and so your kids keep getting reinfected all the time mine had them on and off untill they went to secondary school i think wet coming is the best thing i dont believe in lotions and potions you dont know whats in them they are ugly little sods and no use in the world so why did god invent them ! i had them too and my best friend also my husband and hes bald on top!

Iron Man
cut her hair - nits like long & dirty hair. Also you could dye/bleach her hair - apparently it kills most/all nits and their eggs.

Every time you wash the hair, use conditioner.

Comb twice a day, and even though you will not get them out all at once, it will prevent them from breeding, because when you comb you break their legs. By combing regularly for three weeks, twice a day, you will be getting the eggs out when they hatch.

nasty, she probably have schoolfriends with them and will get them.At my daughter's school, we (all volunteers) checked all the school children one by one and anyone who has those critters were given instructions about treatments and if they still have them, they were told they will not be allowed back in school, this really works. ask the chemist for advice and just keep on combing.

Use loads of conditinor, that works wll. all the best

Get the special soap at the pharmacy. Tell your daughter she can't share combs or clothing with anyone. Tell her the next time she will get her hair cut short.

Wash all bedding in the house with very hot water. Consider getting a "bug bomb" to clean the house of all bugs. Wash all of her clothing in very hot water.

Condition her with tea tree conditioner and comb through with knit comb, each time you wash her hair!
worked for my kids

This may sound stupid, but it's true.

Lice like healthy, clean hair. If the hair is greasy, the eggs can't stick, and it's super easy to get rid of them. If your daughter can bear to be greasy hair girl for a week at school, and then you try the comb and other normal treatments it will work!

I know this as I remember the humiliation of being brought to the head's office at school while he examined my head for eggs and then sternly told me to stop washing my hair!

Purple 8
Head lice like clean heads so don't worry about personal hygiene! Lice jump from head to head at school etc so what you need to do is to inform the school of the problem and ask them to inform all parents that there is a problem and that all the children need to have their heads checked regularly and treated if infestation is found.

1. What your problem appears to be is that you are treating your daughter and she is going to school (probably) and getting instantly reinfected. I would recommend that she wears her hair tied back securely because lice will not find it so easy to transfer, and encourage her not to touch heads with others eg. when she pours over text books with classmates, hugs a best friend etc.

2. It is a fallacy that lice will live on combs, in hats or on furniture or linen etc - they will not, they transfer head to head only. Regular combing and brushing will damage the lice and once damaged (broken legs) they cannot reporoduce - so keep this up!

3. When you treat your daughter ensure that the whole family is also treated, including grandparents and anyone else she may hug etc.

So do these three things and eventually you will succeed. I have heard that you can get elecric nit combs but I do not have any idea how effective these are. All the best!

but vinegar on for an hour, then rinse and wash, and put mayonaisse on for 4 hours, and pick out ALL the eggs, i used to get lice alot, but after that it stopped. but put some RIT on directly after you rinse the mayo out, just to be sure. she will smell for a couple days, so i wouldnt take her out CUT HER HAIR FIRST. she has to do it, but to make her feel better , i would let her get it any way she wants. i had to get mine cut, i thought i would hate it but i actually liked my hair and was glad to be rid of the lice sorry for all the typos wash EVERYTHING in hot water, and dont let her near it until the lice is gone

bit of fluff
i heard somewhere that if a child feels low or down in themselves they seem to get lice more a lot of elderly people get them too. also change the pillow cases after you have all been treated as a lice can live up to 3 days without anything to live on. so they may still be in the bedding and just re-infesting your daughter

larryl d
RID you get it at the local store.It comes with spray for the house and shampoo for your hair and a fine co;mb.

buy a bottle of prioderm from the chemist.

Wendy M
Once you've used the treatment your chemist recommends, you need to sit and pull the nits out of every strand of hair. This takes ages and your daughter won't enjoy it any more than you. Follow the instructions for follow up shampoo treatment, and again pull through every strand of hair to make sure there are no eggs left. The combs are not much use at this as they bend around the eggs. Make sure she has her hair tied back, preferably in pleats or a bun to avoid it flying about and coming into contact with other children who might be infested. If you can get her to wear a hat or cap at school, do that too. This will cut down the chance of re infestation.

i bought a batterie opp zapper from the chemist after constant infestations when my kids were little it sends a tiny elec impulse n kills the lice i did this for 4 -6 days to make sure the hatchlings were got too.i never had a problem again use it once or twice a week for a quick comb n any new strays are killed i never looked back. a wonderful tool!goodluck


We don't use anything within the nhs, we just wash hair then use plenty of conditioner and comb them out do this every day for a week and they should be gone.

use conditioner and nit comb every couple of days. The conditioner will make them slide out easier

I have just discovered Dr Johnson's aromatherapy nit and lice shampoo, and they do a conditioner as well, which makes it easier to put the fine comb through afterwards. You can email the company at ; info@mpmconsumerproducts.com
good luck!

go to wal-mart and get t tree oil. it's something in there that will keep them away. just put it a teasoon or maybe two teaspoon full's in the shampoo that u use on her and that should do the trick.. worked for me and still haven't had in and i have three girls' myself. be sure to wash everything piece of beding and vacume,best i can give ya good luck

I dont no what to do but man I feel sorry for her!

Worth a look.

The really good news about head lice is that they have a very short life span and do not become "dormant" (like fleas do). (I think they live only 24-48 hours. With no blood they dehydrate ad die and cannot reproduce.) Are you bagging or washing all fabric items (carpets, stuffed animals, sheets, pillows, hats, etc.? Make sure you do that.

Treat your daughter with whatever treatment you prefer. (I've seen a recommendation of coating hair with mayonaise in between treatments to make it harder for nits to latch on, but I've never used it. I have heard that you are more likely to get lice if your hair is clean. That oily hair can discourage them. Not that I would recommend that as a preventative!) Be sure your combing is VERY thorough and often. (Yes, I know, with long hair this will take hours.)
We've actually had success with the herbal ones.

If you go a week with no lice and then it happens again, that would indicate that someone or somewhere your daughter comes in contact with is a continuing problem. Try to determine the source. Also coach her - no sharing combs, hats, brushes, etc.

i have the same problem with my daughter ...the best stuff i,ve used is conditioner and a nit comb i dont think the chemical treatments work ....also try tea tree shampoo it suposed to stop them getting nits ...you can buy it from health shops ...good luck hope this helps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Bean ♥
mayonaise .. or try lemon joy (yes dish soap) and then wrap her head in a warm towel for 20 minutes then wash it out.

you are doing all the right thing's and as a mum myself I know how depressing it can get fighting what you think is a losing battle, but trust me my daughter has not had them now for over 2yrs sticking to the regime you are now doing best wishes

go to ur dr. kwell is good to get rid of them. and u need 2 wash all your bed sheets and there is also kwell spray to use on your furniture. i worked in a nursing home some yrs ago and there was an outbreak of scabies and that is what the entire staff and there family members had 2 use. but now a days there is no need to cut the hair. but unless the other affected ones get treated she will get them again. good luck, and seek medical help.

tea tree scalp rub called WHAT NITS from Asda . works very well.

patricia b
go to the chemist buy some tea tree shampoo and tea tree oil they dont seem to like the tea tree its the smell that keeps them away you could try it anyway see if it works

all the stuff teh doctor flogs you its next to useless... goto the vets and ask for frontline. it kills all bugs and fleas and nits, weve used it with great success for the last 5 years on our girls as they went thru primary school.

spray once, leave and wash as normal, we do it twice a year, sept and easter, and your kids wil llove you, no more combing, no more agonising pain, no more scratching..

take simple precautions, damp towel on the kids faces, and thats really it. oh and you can only get it at a vet, and some of them might want to see a cat..so ask a neighbour... 1 small bottle is 12 quid, and will last 2 or 3 years..

good luck...

Go to the MD, there is a prescription strength pesticide that you can get. Be very careful with it though! Also, you MUST bag and wash everything in the house if possible, all upholstered furniture and beds must be sprayed with insecticide, clean entire house from top to bottom, do not miss anything! Alternately, go somewhere else for about 10 days, lice need humans to feed on and if they cannot eat they will starve to death, 10 days because by then the nits that are in bedding, couches and carpets will have hatched and starved too.

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