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My coworker farts all the time and it smells like popcorn is that weird or does anyone else's?
MOST farts smell like poop... right


party hardy!
lol Maybe you're the weird one.

Not who you think ....
OMG thats so funny! I suppose it could happen .......... Ewww gross!

Becca W
thats soooo gross!!

Kristi and Matt
OMG that is too funny... I mean it could smell like poop and that would be a milltion times worse! I just feel badly for you because you probably never want to eat popcorn again... Keep a close eye on what they eat- obviously something isnt compatible with their body! Good luck!

be happy you dont sit beside he bloke in my office - vomit vomit vomit - lol

that's so nasty.

Ahahaha! Sometimes people's feet smell like popcorn but I've never heard of flatulence smelling like it. Nasty!

ok now that is AWKWARD

Christian W
Not all farts smell like poop, suprisingly, However I've never heard of one actually smelling like roses.

ewwwwww thats really weird...

Popcorn sounds better than rotten eggs. It might be weird, but who would complain about it?

My farts smell like popcorn when I eat popcorn....

Ashli J
rugged, I don't know what to say.. Farts generally smell like crap I guess, depends on what that person eats.

Mine smell like rotten eggs.

Princesa Jasmine
your co worker should try to hold it in at work.. and most don't smell like that.

mine smelll like popcorn when ive just eaten it

lmfao okay thats funny.

Jade H
just tell him he eats too much pop corn?

ewww......sickening. nope

★Skyler Noel ★
Atleast is doesnt smell like rotten eggs. You just made me not want to eat pop corn for awhile. LOL : ) Sorry, but never smelled a pop corn fart.

Everything seems to be wrong...
okaay...weird question...

That's gross!
Well I guess it depends were you work!

They normally smell like whatever the person was eating. It's meat that makes **** smell bad. Vegetarian's **** should not smell that bad. Your co-worker probably eats a lot of popcorn, or something like it.

oh wow that is the most important question i heard all day


Farts can have the scent of many different substances. It all depends on what the person is/has been eating. No fart smells the same.


is it caramel popcorn ..... jk but dont complain because it could be much worse ....

walter c
Your lucky is is popcorn Lately and not poop!
When it is out the back door it NEVER SMELLS
LIKE ROSES.. Consider your self LUCKY..

Be happy it doesn't smell like s h i t

what is weird is that you stick around and sniff them.

What in G's name!! LOL! Whata ya doin standing there hun.!!!!! YOU'RE JUST KILLING ME OUT HERE! lol snkr snkr,,,,oohhhhh dear,,, I DONT KNOW,, maybe you should just blurt out,, HEY ! Orville Redenbocker,, your excused...

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