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My boyfriend thinks he's fat.... but he's not?
He thinks he's fat and he wants to lose weight.... by becoming anorxic.... I don't get it... I wanna do what's right because I love him, but I don't know the right thing to do... help please?

Guess what?
Your boyfriend is a gay!

You should start by telling him, "eating doesn't make you fat. Its eating in excess that makes you fat." Also there are hundreds of websites out there that can help. If thats not your cup of tea, there are plenty of books, and probably free classes if you look for them. I would defiantly suggest starting a fitness routine and educating him on what anorexia actually does to your body and your mind.

If he actually stated "he wants to become anorexic", then he is probably just saying that. Anorexia is a psychological disorder that develops over time and one cannot suddenly decide to become anorexic. If males do become anorexic, it is almost always a form of "reverse anorexia", which is when a person thinks they are too small and not muscled up enough (a perfect example would be obsessed body-builders).

Anorexia is not the way! Tell him that you love him the way he is and he shouldnt do something silly just to look a certain way. If you truly love him, you will tell him that you like him the way he is and for the person he is. No person is too fat or too tall....all humans have imperfections but thats just how we are! Hope I helped.

get him to talk to a counselor or someone before it gets outta hand.

Klevi T
well see ppl like that probly was fat once and still think they are and keep that feeling inside first off u gotta find out if he was overwieght once and just get him 2 go 2 the beach with others and see so he can compare him self and be liek wow im not fat

gabriella c
Maybe he is shy to tell you he's not fat.Happened to me before.

prove he is not overweight.

go to this website and plug in his height and weight, it will calculate his body mass index and that will show him in black and white whether or not his weight is normal.

Ms. Taurus
Talk to a doctor or other health professional...men can just as easily have distorted body image as women. Maybe at least talking to his doctor or a nutritionist they can help give him advice on *if* weight loss would be good or not, and the better ways to do it if so...

Males should not lose weight rapidly. It decreases their muscle mass. Anorexia will cause severe damage to the males body.

Take him to a gym and get a fitness evaluation. If he does well then he doesn't need to lose weight, but if he does poorly then he should try to work out rather than not eating. But there are many diets that require not eating solid foods for an extended period of time (I know Howard Stern and Robyn do that). Thats the closes to anorexia he should go.

little e
Tell him that you care about his health and that starving yourself can lead to irrepairable damages to your body. People can lower their metabolism permanently by starving themselves and can even damage their heart and other organs. He wont be able to think properly because his brain wont even have enough fuel. Also tell him(if you havent already) that you find him attractive and you dont think hes fat. BUT if he wants to go on a diet and exercise plan to lose a few pounds offer to do it with him but eat healthy foods and no less than 2000 calories a day. Even exercising more might lead him to have a higher self image. You could go on walks/runs or go swimming together. Having another person along makes exercising more enjoyable and you are burning calories in the meantime. I hope this helps.

If he thinks he is fat and wants to lose weight, tell him to do it the healthy way - eat right and exercise. Even take a diet pill, for all I care - just don't starve yourself. Tell him annorexic people look terrible and unattractive - and annorexia can be deadly. If he wants to be stupid, go for it - but tell him you don't want to be involved because you don't want him putting his health in jeopardy. Even offer to eat healthy and exercise with him - it might change his mind, and you can make sure he is putting food in his stomach. Just make sure he doesn't run off to throw it back up 15 minutes - no bathroom breaks for 6 hours! It should be good and digested by then.

El Barto
I had that problem 2 years ago my girlfriend told me to eat but i did´nt want so one day we went to the cinema and she told me to go to take the sodas and some food for the movie so when i approach to the bar i saw so much food and one of my favorite desserts is ice cream i remembered that i loved ice cream so i ea ted 3 cones of ice cream(2 doubles) the only think you have to do is show him his favorite food or dessert and he won´t resist more i hope this could help

maybe hug him and tell him he's not fat...and help him "diet" but not be ani... make sure he gets at least 800 calories a day.. if there's less then that he is officially ani..

well if he is not fat tell him n say sweety i luv u the way u r u should b confident in urself plz dont hurt urself like this u no its not nessisary he could die! u should talk 2 him!

tell him to do a research about his weight, he can check his BMI ( Body Mass Index) which will tell him if he's in the right place!!,

why not both of you sign up at the gym with a nutrionist and work with him to meet his health needs..

anorxic is not the right thing to do. you need to stop him if you love him. If he thinks he's fat, simply eat a little less and exercise.

Amanda S
Anorexia is just going to cause him health problems, search it up on the internet, print the side effects and health problems associated with it and have him read it.

The only thing he can do thats healthy is to change his diet and/or eating habits and regular excercise. Running or jogging is a good cardio that will raise his metabolism and help him to lose weight.

So try talking to him about all this and do what I said, print off what happens to anorexic people and how it affects their long term health, he'll change his mind!

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