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Leah M
My body feels really hot, but i never have a fever, anyone else get this?

Additional Details
i dont have menopuase im 19.

Lisa K
It could be menopause


That happens a lot during menopause but it can happen for other reasons. Ask your doctor.

My Isabel is here! (9/25/08)
hot flash

Nice to meet you
If it feels hot to the touch, or there is a certain part of your body that feels hot then it is inflammation.

It is possible your pre menopausal. I'm 19 (20 on monday) and I am pre menopausal. I get hot flashes and irregular periods get to the gyn asap.

Its normal....sometimes happen to me too...i feel that i m having fever but i don't because the temperature outside is not same as our inner body temperature....because our body releases heat, and other metabolic activities make it warm!!!

Kyla G
just cause your hot doesn't mean you have a fever.

ya, it depends how old you are.
if your a teen then its normal, purberty causes that sometimess.
and if you are older then if probably nothing, just stress im sure.
tht cause things to be on your mind and u get nervous and such.
hop i helped.

you only live once
it could be a hot flash, but only if your going through menopause. it could be a fever but sometimes i wake up sweating but not from a fever it could be something else, i occasionally get it

I get it all the time, I'm not even over 15 ahah. It's just that it's summer and my mom never has the A/C running....and it doesn't help that I live in Southern Cali XD

YES! I have the same thing. I think it has something to do with your core temp rising.

alexandria ♥
maybe you have a sunburn??

yes, it is normal, for many people, just depends, what environment, what age you are, and how healthy you are

Sarah Townen
yeah, i get 'moments' of heat

it's almost like a hot flash, BUT mine are not hot flashes

i wonder if you are going thru menopause?
that will cause hot flashes, if that's what you are going thru

Bob Kelso

oh really? same with me...ya...i get it too...sometime my body also will feel very hot...but i also dont have fever...but i think its because whether hot...and our body too heaty already...thats why our body will feel very hot...its normal want...dont worry... :)

YEah, I'm going through the same thing too..I think it's the anxiety..I have also felt hot sometimes and stuff.

Jessica W
Me and you have like the same thing lol, i also went to the ER for short of breathe and chest wierdness...I think it's anxiety

yes, i get this and its horrible! I kept telling doctors but they thought i was crazy. it can be two things, either hypoglycemia or hormones. When you have low blood sugar you can feel hot, or it can do with your hormones and hot flashes. I got my hormones tested but nothing showed up, but i took chinease herbs and the heat went away fast! the herb was something like Peony and tang-kuei. i spent a lot of time on this answer becuase i really want to help you becuase i went through the same thing and it was very unpleasant. best of luck!

High metabolism.

Could be menopausal hot flashes. Hot flash is kind of a misnomer, because some women just become hot all the time, rather than getting periodic flashes.

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