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April S
My 9 year old child has recently started nose bleeds.Does anyone know what causes them?
I do have a doctors appointment scheduled for tomorrow but would like a little insight from someone who has had this problem befor!

Lady J
He may have sinus problems. Sometimes a sinus infection or inflamed sinuses can cause nose bleeds.

Some kids have nosebleeds often with no explaination.

Dry air can cause dry skin in the nasal passages. Also too much picking.

that used to happen to me....it was a vitamin K deficiency.

Well, at the age of nine, I'd wonder if it wasn't picking his nose too often? Or the dry air? (Not being coy mind you)

My son is eight. So far he hasn't had any nose bleeds this summer. Normally he gets them in the summer time when it is really hot out. His Dad is the same way. His nose will just start bleeding for no reason. His Dad said it is from the heat.

I have my son blow his nose once very slightly. Then I have him pinch is nose. I don't have him tip his head back. I learned in first aid that they are not suposed to tip their head back. That was a few years ago and I don't remember why not.

His dad said as he grows older it will slow down and he wouldn't get as many nose bleeds. Ofcourse he is talking from his own personal experiece and it may be differnt for others.

My son use to get them quite a bit and over the years it has slowed down. Like I said earlier he hasn't had any this summer so maybe your son will grow out of it.

As far as i can tell it's caused from the heat.

Hope it all works out for your son
good luck

heat dry air allergies if it happens more at night than it is probally heat dry air try running a humidifier

i would say dry air

well i would like to answer your question.. by reassuring you that nosebleeds are absolutely a normal thing. it happens when there is a difference in pressure inside and outside the body in the atmosphere. one can see blood oozing out and this usually happens in excessive exposure to heat. nothing to worry abt and easily curable. :-) but anyways get well soon to your son!

Uncle John
There are several possibilities, but one cause is nose picking and scratching on the inside of the nose- especially with fingernails that are big, instead of short. Do you need a method to stop the bleeding, once it begins, each time?

When I was 9, I would get nose bleeds every time I had too much sugar- usually candy or cookies.

<3 sarah <3
Well if your child is like me they have soft membranes in their nose. So try to keep himher from rubbing their noses.

He's def. picking his nose. Either that or you live in a cold climate.

Mrs J
Yes i know. When i was young about the same age I always had nose bleeds, bad ones too. So my mom took me to the doc and he said that the membrane vessels in my nasal cavity were dry and sensitive. They would easily break and that would start the bleeding. I wasn't a nose picker or stunt devil to make them start. It would just start bleeding for no reason. After a while as I got older my nose quit bleeding. Now im 21 and haven't had a nose bleed since.

Could be allergies...or lack of humidity in your home...

me! me! me! i use to have it severly but yours may be diffrent than mine i have sever allergies mine are kinda hard to avoid such as mold and pollen especially mold allergies will cuase nose bleeds i had many so many i thought my nose would fall off lol besides that uhhhmmm is he on anmy meds they can cuase nose bleeds as well ask your doctor

Erin S
It could be a lack of humidity, especially if you run the AC a lot. Try applying a small amount of Vaseline to the inside of his nose or running a humidifier.

Allergies. Ask your doctor to prescribe him allergy medicine

they might have weak blood vessels in their nose and might have to have them cauterized. virtually painless and well worth the effort as it stops the bleeds

When I was little I got nose bleeds a lot too. Mine were due to subtle changes in pressure.

i used to have nosebleeds too.

Mine were either started by caffeine or by overheating.

Unless the nosebleed is an indicator for a more serious problem like a hemorrhage or a tumor, then he should just live with it.

Nosebleeds by themselves arent a bad thing... it's just something that happens. I still get them and I'm ok. If the doctor can't give you a dangerous reason for his having them, then dont let him give your child any medication.

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