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My 8 yr old daughter had a tick on her scalp and it is hurting what can I put on it? I got the tick out?
where I took the tick off she has a red spot the size of a dime.

take a cold shower maybe put a small ziplock bag of ice on it and call the person above me in the morning 239-290-1089

What You Should Do
Ask an adult to check you for ticks after you've been playing or hiking in the woods, and have him or her pay special attention to your head (including your scalp), back, neck, armpits, and groin area. If you ever find a tick on you, ask for an adult's help in removing it. Using tweezers, an adult should grab the tick as close as he can to your skin, and pull the tick off in one motion. Don't cover the tick with petroleum jelly, rubbing alcohol, or fingernail polish, since these don't help the tick come out and can make things more complicated. If any of the tick parts are left behind, they should be removed using a sterile needle or pin. Once the tick is removed, your parent may want to put the tick in a jar to save it to show to your doctor.


Recheck the bite area to make sure that you have gotten the whole tick out. The ticks head can still live and feed even if the body was taken out.

Dr who
did you make sure you got all the head out,if it don't heal up see a doctor or if she runs a fever or rash.

put some ointment on it-

put triple antibiotic ontment on it

five oh
that usually means that the tick is still in there, and/or it could be infected. but dont panic! its ok as long as you take her to a doctor as soon as possible, ticks can cause lyme disease but thats if they are in there for around a month or so, so you dont have much to worry about, just get your daughter to a doctor.

I don't know how you did it but for next time..

Ticks don't like rubbing alcohol..when you touch it with a cute tip or a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol..their first reaction is too let go. it burns and its cold to them.

Now put hydrogen paroxide on ther sore. I am sure she will be fine.

Been there..done that..

ronald m
I,m not sure but ask any drug store. Secondly did you use tweezers to pull the head out because if you only got the body she may still be having pain because the head is still embedded in her scalp. Use tweezers and ask a druggist for suggestions!

light a match then put it out and put it on the tick while its still hot
it works
i had to do it and it worked and it didnt hurt that bad

Take her to the doctor. It's hard to know if you got all of the tick out.

I hope you saved the tick....put it in a ziplok bag and take your child to the doctor in the morning...sooner if the site becomes red, raised or she begins showing any unusual symptoms....fever, vomiting, etc. Lyme disease is prevalent this year and is very dangerous. I'm sure she'll be fine, but a Dr.'s visit is in order nowadays for a tickbite.

you need to go the doctors and get some cream, for it. it might still be a little bit left in there

Doug W
She will need to see a doctor. There is a very real risk of Lime Disease involved here.

Make sure you got the head out. If you didn't you can try squeezing it out like you would a pimple. If you can't get it out, take her to the emergency room.

neosporin & pain relief
if that does not work take her to a doctor. Ticks can cause lime desiese and many other bacterial things. I would reccormend it any way.

yes, take her to the doctor. Some of the tick may still be in there or it may be infected. You never know what diseases the tick could be carrying.

Stacy W
she needs to go to the doctor ...ticks carry lime disease and it is very dangerous...especially so close to the brain

the head might still be there inside the scalp, causing for ur 8 year old's scalp to hurt, take her to a doctor asap. don't touch it too much or it might make the head go in deeper into her scalp.

Probably infected and they do carry lime disease.

Take her to the doctor. Not only is it hard to get all of the tick out, but they will want to give her a certain antibiotic. Also, for about three months after the tick bite, you will have to watch her for signs and symptoms of Lyme's disease. You could give her Motrin and put a ice pack on the injury for now.
A tick got my daughter this summer.

The head of the tick may still be in her head,, seek medical attention, asap.

Please take her to the doctor. Ticks can cause Lyme disease and Rocky Mtn Spotted Fever. (Depending on the type of tick.) Lyme disease is very treatable if its caught early, but its very hard to treat if you wait too long... and, since symptoms often don't show up for quite some time, the person has often already forgotten about the tick, and it can be hard to diagnose. Check out info on Webmd.com. That's where I look up a lot. It doesn't replace a dr.'s opinion, but its a good starting point. As for what to put on it, I'm sorry I don't have suggestions, just be careful applying anything to an open wound. The red spot could be a ring often caused by tick bites (another reason to see a doctor) or irritation from the bite, the scratching or a little infection.

Good luck to you and I hope everything works out. And, I'm sorry I don't mean to scare you. I know everyone worries so much over their children. I don't think a few days or even a week makes a difference in a diagnoses, but longer can. I just have a friend who went months w/o getting properly diagnosed, and it has really affected her.

I hope your little one feels better very soon.

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