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Men - Do you think that 36E breasts are too big?
I'm a 21yr old female with a 36E chest and wherever I go men look. I'm paranoid that its because they're too big. What do you think?

Alice b
dont be daft

36e, wow get use to it, or have breast reduction surgery

My wife is just as endowed as you, and I have never complained about it. If the guys are looking, that means they probably like what they see.

If that bothers you, I believe they do make special bras that tend to camaflouge the size. A friend of my wife's wears one, and, had my wife not told me, I would never have thought that this lady and my wife were the same size.

Sounds beautiful to me. Worth a look or six.

It is the sneaky looks you should hate, open admiration is good.

No pet you get what you are given and god must have loved you.

Ben V
it would be hard to say cuz there is so many other factors to account for, size isn't everything, but generally 36E is probably to big

Radio Ga Ga 73
NO! You what you are, so get use to it! We come in different shapes and sizes! However, if it is causing you to have back pain, then consider reduction!

Good Luck and don't worry!!!!

for me that would be too big.. i like a good healthy breast but i don't want it suffocating me in my sleep.. but each guy is going to have their own opinion...

It'll depend on your body shape, but I think it's safe to say that it's not too big. They'll only be too big if they start causing you problems.

never ever.

hmmmmmmmmmm................................ is there a such thing as too much money .........................hmmmmmmmmmmmm

They are not too big...and speaking for all the other men here...please post a picture at your earliest convenience.

what`s their names

Does your back hurt? While you will always find people who love them big and those of them that hate it, its what you can live with. I think you are just looking for validation, but know the answer and are just trying to muster enough courage to do something about it.

If a young woman has plastic surgery to enhance her breasts to 36E,that is too much.If you have been born with breasts of that size,you should be comfortable with them.When people stare at you,its you`re inner beauty they are looking at.

jasdeep s
they are not 2 big i think the bigger the better can i play wit them plz can i have your number plz

We look because they're fab.

I went out with a girl who was a 32F. I think she found it a little disconserting that I often talked to her chest, but there we go.

They're only too big if they cause you discomfort or you feel self conscious. But WE will always love them...

in response to 'Big Sis' 36 isnt a very broad back size at all infact i think at the mins it the average for Britain, i have two friends one a size 10 and 1 a 20 both of which have a back size of 36, it entirely depends on your body shape not because she is fat you silly women.

dont worry what everyone else thinks, if your happy who cares? enjoy them before they start going south!!!

People look as they enjoy it and wish to feel it themselves! You are lucky!

I think people are very shallow to judge a woman by the shape of her body. I watched a programme the other night on exactly the opposite problem, 3 women with small breasts thought they weren't attractive, but they all were - it was proved that their problem was psychological. I always see past that, to their personality, every person being beautiful and unique in their own way. Obviously, in your case, it is one of the first things men notice, but if that is all they notice, they are not worth bothering with. I am a 46 year old man, but I have always had this outlook on people. I look mainly for personality, looks are secondary.

s t
feel yourself. and nature does the rest. please don't ask the guys about it...you should care more on what how you feel and act with what nature has endowed you. no need to ask a second opinion -- except from professionals in the medical field. it does not look you need it at this moment. keep well and strong and that is what counts. hope it helPS. ps. i am not after the "best answer" but...

if they are natural and they don't hurt u no problem.on a personal note more than a mouthful is a bit of a waste

That depend on how big you are and if it's all natural. I'm sure they are so if they are in proportion to the rest of your body and you are happy then I'd say it's fine. You are still young and your body can still change, try some exercises if you feel like it. try and stop worrying about what other people think of you and think about what you want. There are plenty of women around with bigger than that.

Old Man of Coniston!.
No need for anyone Else's opinion but your own. If you feel uncomfortable about your own body the dress wisely until you overcome your anxiety. Men look for all kinds of reasons to many to mention. Once you have your own Mr Right arm in arm I sure most men will be looking the other way - until you have passed. That's because they will be the ones with a complex!!!

no..i think thier great as long as you don't have a big gut under those..if you have a nice body i think we'll like what we see.

Too big for what? If you're happy, I'm happy!

WOW! that is WAY WAY WAY too big!

Anything over a C cup is too big. the smaller the better.

in a word, yEs, sorry, but that does depend more on your body shape, etc.

Men probably just look because they are big and they notice! I was a 32DD and most of my male friends said my chest was the first thing they noticed about me. I spent years wearing baggy tops etc cos I too was paranoid, then someone said to me one day that I should be grateful as when I get to 60 they'll be round my knees so you should just enjoy the attention while you can, other girls would pay a fortune for them!

This made me look at the whole situation differently and I started wearing clothes that actually fitted me and were proud of them instead of trying to cover them up!

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