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Is using Clorox on your hands bad?
Ive heard that it can cause chemical burns on even cancer!!
Additional Details
blue sea- dont act like im a dumb *** , im not the one who does this I have a friend (with ocd) and she does this i was trying to come up with some info to give to her about it

Depends on the amount of dilution with the clorox. If you put your hands in pure bleach it's bad but in a solution with a high water content it is not bad.

it can cause your hands to get rough and sore

Yes, it's terrible for you. My sister was dumb enough to use it on her feet once (she had done gardening for about a week in bare feet and had terrible grass stains on her feet that wouldn't come off) and her feet cracked so bad that it took medicine from her doctor and about a month for her feet to heal.

YES!!! It can cause burns. As for cancer, I don't think so.

You always need to dilute bleach whenever you use it. It can also burn your throat if you don't have ventilation when you use it.

B.A. Baracus
Keep bleach away from skin, eyes, orifices. It will be bad news for all three. Use latex gloves if you have to work with bleach regularly.

Bad? Why no, not if you enjoy the outerlayer of skin peeling off.

Wow. Sometimes I come on here and just shake my head in wonder.

Proud Nana
Don't use clorox on your hands. When using clorox to clean you should wear gloves. Don't ever ever mix clorox with ammonia or any other kind of cleanser. Very Very dangerous.

Yes, it is bad to put it on your skin.

--------- -
especially due to exposure...
it has chemicals on it that are not suitable to our skin..
and causes side effects too..
such as cancer...

The chlorine in chlorox is only 4% so there will be no "chemical burn"...(unless you rub your eyes with it, afterwards, with out washing it first with soap and water!).

But, the chlorox "will" dry your skin out, and you will have your hands peeling, (it may even take some color out of your hands as it bleaches and the skin sloughs off).

Once in a while, like your preparing foods and things like that, to run some clorox over them isnt bad, but, I wouldnt make a habit out of it...

In fact, if your preparing chicken and using a cutting board, rinsing it with chlorox would be a good thing, or even hydrogen peroxide to kill all salmonella bacteria.

I wish you well...


Nurse Answer Mama
That is true. Just use soap to clean your hands. The friction does more than anything.

Linh Thi
Yes it's bad!

Clown Knows
Well.. repeated exposure is not a good thing. We may never know which chemicals in our environment are causing the increased rates in cancer and other illness.

Oh yeah it will hurt like heck, like a bad burn, and for days. Cancer? haven't heard that one but wouldn't surprise me everything causes cancer it seems.

I don't think it's good
Try using hand sanitizer instead

its bad I don't know about all that. When using any household chemical you should use gloves........even if it smells good! Bleach drys the skin out and I am sure its not good to put it straight on your hands

Yes it does cause chemical burns and the cell changes can cause cancer.

Very bad indeed and penetrates the skin almost instantly! There is absolutely no good excuse for ever needing to do so! The only thing I ever get from "Wal-Mart" stores is the $4.00 gloves that they sell with "cotton" on the inside layer and use them whenever! I just can't find those gloves anywhere else and since I was told that they have them... I am under the sad obligation to shop there for that purpose only as I'd rather pay a buck or two more for local merchants to make a buck and keep the economy rolling than give it to them to get the monopoly on everyone and every thing.
If you are afraid of having touched it too much for one reason or another, I would suggest taking pure aloe vera at the rate of 2 tbs. a day for a while. That's all... Remember that aloe vera is a natural plant as good for you skin as it is for the inner body! It's even in the Bible which is the only book on earth which claims divine inspiration!

Yes, bleach is caustic, and can damage skin fast.

Yup. I permanently ruined my skin because of cleaning with bleach without using gloves. Now I only use gloves. My skin broke down and still hasn't healed well. I've used steriod creams and all kinds of things, and it took years for my palms to heal. When I get stressed, my hand "breaks out" again (the skin breaks down and oozes). It's kind of healed now, but it's rougher than the rest of my hand.
Cancer? Yeah, I'll let you know in a few years. I've heard that too. It's not a risk you want to take, though!

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