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Is there a way to prevent nightmares?
i have the same nightmare for years now (well, they're not exactly the same, but the same thing happens) and sometimes i wouldn't want to go back to sleep after that because i can still feel the pain from the nightmare...

Try a night charm, nightlight, or if you feel stupid, try what dogs do, walk in circles before you sleep, i found thats why dogs do it

Many times dreams have a message, anlise the dream, and ask yourself what the things in your dream, just start brainstorming, for example you hit a car, then you start thinking of what do i accociate whith that?
Analysing the meaning of the nightmare could help you.

Potato Monster
Try to cleanse your subconscious mind. Everything you experience whether on tv, commericals, going to work, advertisment become part of your subconscious. When you dream at night time, it is your subconscious that comes to play.

Make notice of what you watch and allow your mind to receive. Overcome these fears and understand the reality.

not to go all bible on you but i pray and i usually feel better after a while

i really don't know... try not to eat too much at night... that might be causing you the problem...try to think of other matters... let your mind wander other things...read a book to sleep or watch tv to sleep....i had the same problem a long time ago... but now... well i can't remember any of my dreams hehehe

Try to draw the nightmare. Or model it in clay. Look at each character, put yourself in their shoes - imagine what they are thinking, what they want, need, feel.

Enter youself (in the drawing), how do you feel? write down the feeling. Imagine what you'd say to the other actors in the dream - yell at them, threaten them, pound the drawing of them with your fist - crumple them up and throw them away.

Look at those feeling you mentioned, listen to the words you spoke to them - when do you feel this way in real life? when have you used those words?

Find a gestalt therapist that you like and talk to them about your dream. Therapy is amazing.

if you watch a scary movie dont think about it in bed and get a biiig dream catcher. i have a hand made one and havent had on in years. or mabey its the lava lamp... or mabey its the lava lamp dream catcher combo...

You are eating too late and try praying before you sleep

Dreams are a reflection of our subconscious. Apparently, on a subconscious level, you need more horror in your life. Go see a horror flick and sleep peacefully.

No, I'm not kidding. Every now and again, if I haven't seen a horror film in too long, I have really scary nightmares.

Don't sleep. Play games overnight

Pray before you sleep. There's also prayers to prevent satan from disturbing you in your sleep.

Another way that the old folks in my place advice kids who have nightmare is wash their legs before sleep, no scientific theories to prove this, but no harm in trying.

what do you see in the nitemare ? ghosts or ghouls ? or something related with death or something like that ? what I think is what you see is what you have in your mind.. so make your mind free of such stuffs.. and don't try to think about your nightmares.. and before heading to bed, watch something funny stuffs on TV or read some interesting stuffs.

Mr. Crowley
stop all sleeping activity. or just watch or listen to something upbeat before you go to sleep, works sometimes. or just say to yourself, i am okay with this dream ad i accept that it has happened again and again

sometimes it helps not to eat too heavy in the evening..but as it is a repeting dream you should find out what the dream is all about. because dreams tell you that there is something wrong in your life - especially if its bad dreams.
try to work out what your problem in 'real' life is and sort that out - the dream will dissapear....

katlyn: Yahoo chat fugitive
Keep a notebook next to your bed, and whenever you wake up, write down your dream in as much detail as you can remember.

Before long, you will begin to have lucid dreams (dreams that you can control). Once you can control your nightmares, they won't be scarey anymore. In fact, nightmares are the easiest ones to change.

Lucid dreams are a lot of fun too! Ever wanted to fly like a bird? You can do it. Is there a cute guy you like? You can have him every night! There is nothing you can't do in a lucid dream.

dn watch scary things... it might affect ur nite dreams...
crucifix n bible helps

nightmares are the minds way of taking out the emotional garbage from the day. figure out why your dream is re-occuring and confront your fears

Try changing your routine at night before you sleep. Try thinking positive thoughts as you are lying there trying to sleep. Look into 'lucid dreaming' - it is the method of controlling what happens as you dream.

Failing that, it doesn't hurt to discuss your problem with a therapist.

Good luck, sweet dreams.

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