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Peter B
Is my nose broken i cant tell?
i got hit by a disc today in the nose and i was in a lot of pain. My nose did not bleed (but i have never had a bloody nose that i can remember) it has been throbbing since about 3 today and it hurts bad when i move it. The is no bruising at all.

mollie the mighty

i dont think so, u just broke my nose like a year aog. yeah i fell of a bench. ANYWAYS! i think it just might be bruised inside.

Kayla L
It doesn't have to bleed or bruise to be broken. I would take some ibuprofen for pain. If it is swollen tomorrow with no improvement in pain, I would go to the doctor and get a x ray to be sure because there is not much bone in the nose.

Steel Rooftops
It could be fractured, when there is no swelling or brusing it means is fractured. I think....... Go on WebMD

soft arrrse!!

♥Skyway Avenue♥
if it was broken, you would know. it would look weird. and it would have bled

mark v
well if it is broken it is broken, they are not going to do much for it, my nose was broken, and they said go home, no bandage, no pain pill go home,

You should go and see a doctor and see what is up w/ your nose

Music Chick 1
probably not if u had broken your nose, you WOULD know it. i saw someone break their nose once!

I think usually when you break your nose, you get at least one, if not two black eyes. I got my nose broken when I was a teen and it hurt like fury (seeing stars and the whole nine yards) and both my eyes were black by a few hours after the hit. You can't really tell now that it was broken, but if you run your finger down my nose, you can feel a little bump.

Keep an eye on it for a couple days and see if swelling occurs and doesn't go down and if you have a bump. If either of these things happen, see an ear, nose and throat doc.

Mike S
easy... see if there is any deformation on your nose. and try to locate the pain(witch site) also, a good thing to do it to check if it's swollen

try going to the doctor. or call them up. explain it exacctly. then listen to his answer. if he asks for you to come in. then go in

I broke my nose playing rugby once and it felt as though I could move it around easier and feel the bone moving. There was definite bruising and it bled a good bit when it first happened. I was not in an overwhelming amount of pain and could continue with the game. It even healed to look normal. I don't know if this happens in all cases though.

I am, I said
If it is crooked, see a doctor.

If not, it is hurt but not broken.

Crush On Yoshi from Mario
I'm not sure, maybe you sprained it, b/c I think broken noses bruise. I am not an expert at all, so you should defintely go to the doctor's tomorrow, or if it is day where you are, go now.

Good Luck!!

Well, going by this description I'd say you just fractured or bruised it:

Broken Nose Symptoms

Signs that suggest a person has a broken nose may include the following:

* Tenderness when touching the nose

* Swelling of the nose or face

* Bruising of the nose or under the eyes (black eye)

* Deformity of the nose (crooked nose)

* Nosebleed

* When touching the nose, a crunching or crackling sound or sensation like that of rubbing hair between 2 fingers

* Pain and difficulty breathing out of the nostrils

Kayla <33
Maybe, it's hard to say, it could just be bruised. If the pain doesn't go away by tomorrow night I'd say you should consider seeing a doctor about it, just to be sure.

That happened to me once- it hurt for a while, and hurt when i moved it. If it's turned dark purple or blue or swelled up, go see a doctor. If not, wait till tomorrow to see how it feels.

Jessica G
If the pain doesn't go away in three days, go to see a GP.

If your nose doesn't seem crooked and it's still easy to breathe, and you haven't had a nosebleed (and none develop) then you might just have bruising.

But personally, I would go straight to the emergency room to make sure everything is in check.

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