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No restrictions, comfortable, and also healthy....not good to keep the manhood bundled up.

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Dr. Basketballz
Is it unhealthy to work 7 days a week?

If your job is enjoyable and you are not tried after doing it then it is okay to do it for 7 days a week and only take a break sometimes. Beware that if you are always at work that you'll become a social outcast and lose any edge/knowledge you may have in a topic (ex. music). Also if you are in a job were you stay where you work you may not have the opinion to take a day off and therefore after a period of time will become use to or extremely restless with the fact that all you see is your work.
If your job is not fun for you do not work seven days a week because your mental if not physical will become bad -unhealthy. Consider finding a new job or take the weekends or at least Sunday or Saturday off.

yes .after a while it can work on your nerves which affects the rest of your body everyone deserves at least one day off.

No. It's unhealthy not to work at all.

Yes, your body needs one day to rest. If you tire your body out your immune system will get week you could get really sick. Last year I got pnemonia and it took me a year to get rid of it. Previous to getting sick I worked long hours and very strenous work.

I would say yes, unless it's a low-stress job you absolutely love. But for most of us who work just to earn a decent living, 7 days a week is not good. You need the R & R that comes with having a day or 2 off a week just to rejuvenate for the following week. Too much work can cause too much emotional stress which leads to all sorts of health problems (lack of sleep, stomach distress, headaches...etc).

NO. It builds character.

!~ if you get 9 hrs of sleep ...then i think its fine ~! (^_^)

everything depend about what kind the job do you have

its a hard mental job,or physical job or on the both, i think its more mental or physical hard 5 times every weeks its the right solution,,everything depend your monetary necessities

Yes it is UNHEALTHY, because the body needs rest to re-energize itself. The body is not designed for continuous work, without breaking down. You run an electrical motor 24/7, and sooner , or later that motor is going to get burnt out. Humans can get burnt out too, in a similar way.

Yes probably, but it depends on what type of effect it has on your personal life as well.

Although with everything becoming more expensive, working seven days per week might be what needs to be done in order to make ends meet.

Petro T
yes it is

Katie PS
It depends on how much you are making and weather or not you like your job.

yes, ive been on that schedule since may and im SO glad to be getting some relief starting this next weekend!!! its NOT good to your body, please dont if you can help it!

hell no who dosent work 7 days a week these days two jobs etc, you ever heard, of bils etc, we are constantly working cranking 7 days, a week, with todays , ecomony how can you even ask this unhealthy know you cant afoord too sit home anymore!!

well it depends- if your saving up to go somewhere, then no not really because you have a purpose, but if your doing this constantly, then yes it is unhealthy- you have no life!

not necessarily... as long as you find sometime in those days for yourself and for your family. If you absolutely must work 7 days a week you have to balance it with some time for you.. so you don't get burned out.

yes it is
that is why God gave us one day to rest

OMG yes, I have to do it some times and it blows. I think it is really bad for you...

I personally think it is, you need a break so you don't go insane

Actually it really depends on what you do for a living, how many hours, and how you are. Sometimes what people say are or aren't good for others aren't necessarily true for everyone. If you work a light job for a few hours a day, I'd say it's pretty healthy because it's something productive you do daily, but there are alot of factors to take into consideration in deciding things like this. For instance, people told me that it were unhealthy to sleep for less than 8hrs a day, working too much would make you stress out, and that all this would cause breakouts, but what happened to me was quite the contrary. In keeping, myself productive, I always had something to do which I found great, sleeping less actually makes me more alert and all this made me more successful in what I wanted to do, plus I didn't breakout as much as when I had nothing to do and slept on for long hours.

it is ok if you want to lise waight fast but also slow down and rest at the end.

Daniel L
Depends what you job is and how many hours you work per day. I've worked 7 days a week for long stretches but everyone needs a break.

So, I would say to work 7 days a week from time to time is fine but in the long run you should have other interests beyond just work.

Big R
i have to sometimes ! nothing unhealthy about you just don't get a day off that's all !!

Not if you are a condom tester.

You should ask a doctor and see if your body is capable of doing all those work.

Ana L

for most yes. If you love your job and you dont care to balance your life it's up to you.
i believe people need balance

umm,no I work 24/7 I have 4 kids all under 8

well now that I think about it it could be harmful mentally.....

i think so

Harold T

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