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Is it true that mosquitoes tend to bite some more then others?
I always get bit more then my friends, so is it true that mosquitoes tend to bite some more then others?
Additional Details
If so, why?

Synthia M
well ya

Mosquitos are drawn to darker colors, so if you wear darker clothing you are probably more likely to get bit.
Mosquitos are also drawn to specific scents, so it could be the shampoo you use or the perfume you wear.

nora r
I hear if you have just eaten a banana, or wear light blue clothing you get bit more

yes i think its true cuz the same thing happens to me to. and wen i ask ppl y they say bcuz i have sweet blood. yuk lol

If you take one Vitamin B-1 pill in the morning, the mosquitos will not bite you all day. At children's camps we give the kids B-1 and it really works.

they like some smells better than others

Rudy H
It is true but nobody really knows why.

Yes it is true...everyone has different effects with them...Ex.:
Your cloths may smell like dryer sheets, you may have a lot of Vitamin B-1 in you, or maybe your by certain plant's

So you could try carrying a dryer sheet in your pocket, or put on Off, or take B-1 Vitemens

yea but only females bite the others have the children

Eagle L
Adult Mosquitoes:

The adult mosquito is entirely terrestrial and is capable of flying long distances. Both females and males feed on nectars which they use for energy. Males and females mate during the first 3 to 5 days after they have emerged. Females mate only once. Males generally live for only a week. Only the females feed on blood, which is what is occurring when they are biting. Females evidently gain little nourishment from blood meals but need them in order to develop eggs. Many mosquitoes feed on any warm-blooded bird or mammal. However, some prefer cold-blooded animals. Some species also prefer birds and seldom feed on mammals, which is the case with Culex spp. mosquitoes which are known to transmit the West Nile virus (WNV). Unfortunately many species feed on a wide range of warm-blooded mammals and humans are often attacked. Once a female has completely engorged she flies to a shaded environment until her eggs are completely developed, usually 3 to 5 days. Once the eggs are developed the female is called a gravid female and she begins to search for a desirable place to lay her eggs. If a female survives her egg laying activities, she will very soon start searching for another blood meal after which she will lay another batch of eggs. She does not need to mate a second time. Generally a female will only live long enough to lay 1 to 3 batches of eggs.

Most mosquito species are actively searching for a blood meal in the evening hours from just before dark until 2 to 3 hours after dark. During the daytime the females normally rest in cooler vegetated areas where the humidity is higher and they are protected from drying out. Females will often bite in the daytime if humans or animals invade the wooded areas where they are resting. However, Aedes albopictus is an aggressive biter which prefers to feed during the daylight hours and is often a nuisance in urban areas.


Very few mosquitoes in Oklahoma are able to transmit diseases. Of the 60 plus species present in Oklahoma, only 7 to 10 species are considered medically important because of their pest status to people. Disease transmission by mosquitoes is complex, and being bitten by a mosquito does not mean an individual will develop an illness. If a mosquito-borne disease is detected in Oklahoma the mosquito species transmitting the disease must be identified. Control measures targeting the biology and behavior of that particular species are then implemented to reduce pest populations and prevent further disease transmission.

They are indeed drawn to bright colors, whites, hot pinks, bright yellow etc. and yes all are drawn to sweet fragrances so it's best not to wear perfumes when out doors where they are present. The newest studies have found that mosquitoes are drawn to Pheromones in people...just like people themselves. Higher levels exuded in some are what draws the insect to one person in a crowd more than others...has nothing to do with gender. That's why some people can use Listerine and it's an effective deterrent...it mask the scent. It's the same with ants, you can spray vinegar around when ants are searching for food, they communicate through Pheromones so when that ability has been altered, they become confused and go somewhere else in search of dinner. It's mostly in the smell, but color will draw them.

City Kid
it depends on what is on your skin...some mosquitos like sticky skin.

yes that is true,

1. they bite people who smell the best to their liking
2. they can tell what blood type you are and they like some blood types over others. depends on the mosquitoes
3. if a female mosq. just layed eggs she goes and bites the first animal(or person) that they see and that could be you...

i believe so

** Girls just wanna have fun**
yeah its true.

some ppl have sweeter blonde and mosquitoes can sense it.

if i were you i would play a mean little trick on your friends. mix water and sugar in a bottle and tell you friends that its repeliant.... its just started to leak out of the other bottle so you cracked open and put it in this bottle then they will use it and the mosqitoes will go to them. because you will have put the REAL stuff on

yeaaa, depends on your skin, and if they like your smell.
try not wearing any perfumee.

yes, they like the way they smell better

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