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Is it true that coffee makes you shorter???
I love coffee but I don;t know if I should keep on drinking it cause some of my friends tell me that it makes me shorter, which I'm an already short girl, and dont want 2 get any shorter.

big D
coffee does not determine your height because if it did i would be smaller than my older brothers I'm 5'8" and my brothers are 5'0" and i drink more coffee than they do

No. Not true. Genetics are what determine how tall you are.

It depends what age you are. If you are under 20 and are still growing, you will stop your growth. If you are older, drink all you want. Hope that helped.


Are you 10? come on. a myth to be sure

old wives tale.

No .. i love coffee nothing happens to me

Coffee doesn't make you shorter. It stops your growth. But Only until you stop growing (about 18). And its the caffeine in the coffee, not the coffee. a cup of milk wiht the coffee makes up for it anyway.

No. If coffee made you shorter, I'd be 6" tall instead of 5'6" tall.

That's definitly an old wive's tale. Coffee doesn't stunt your growth - your height has little to do with environmental factors, it's pure genetics. People told me that too, now I'm taller than they are. So go on drinking your coffee without fear.

i dont think so. i started to drink coffee when i was in the fifth grade and am in college now and i am 6". I still haven't learned to write a complete sentence yet but heck maybe there is a correlation there.

hell no

i think it is a story parents made up to keep their children from drinking such a high caffenated beverage. maybe it does affect growth but only in people who are still growing. i don't think it can shrink an adult, only osteopserosis can do that.

Sugar Pie

NO, as far as I know it eliminates calcium from your body, and it is an essential component of bones.

No way!!!! who ever come up with this funny idea..is not saying the truth.
If you want to grow taller you must have calcium everyday in your meal.

No,it's not true. Enjoy your coffee

when you're still in your growing period, it slows down your growth But, if you're an adult, no.

i think its just a story your parents tell you so they don't have to share!!!

nope, I'm 6'1" and I've been drinking coffee for the past 15 years

I think no. My friend (girl) is coffee mania, but she is tall enough for Indonesian (165-167 cm).

not shorter but prevents growing up

I don't think it makes you shorter because i drink coffee sometimes and i'm still tall as ever ( 5'7") i wish coffee made you shrink i would drink alot more often.

no but coffee tastes good

No, but it could cause heath disease if you drink it a lot.
I think your friends are just saying that to scare you so drink with responsibility.

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