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Is it true that a dogs mouth is cleaner than a humans?
its just sumthing thats in garfield 2, i was watching it lastnite

Master Vampyre
No.The germs in the mouth are just species specific.

well in some ways it is, others it is not. (it is a play on words). how they define 'clean' is not how you would think of it... you get what im sayin? =P

its just like saying a toilet seat is cleaner than the kitchen (thats another common one!)


we clean our teeth they don't
have you smelt or seen what they eat
and they kick some places we wouldn't and couldn't

Puppy Zwolle
Well, yes and no.

It is true that Dog saliva has better quality preventing bacteria to grow.
On the other hand I would not call a dog mouth clean seeing where some dogs put it.

Neil - the hypocrite
I can't get my tongue into the nooks and crannies that a dog can. So why would a mutt have a cleaner gob. I've never eaten an intestinal worm for fun. I've seen a dog do that.
This is just something a dog owner would say to make you feel alright about their mutt licking your face.

Away With The Fairies
I've not idea but I'm not snogging a dog anyway.

nik named mom
A dogs mouth "recycles" faster than a human mouth so yes it is cleaner. Hard to believe after catching them licking their butts... but true according to the vet.

Hell no.. It's hotter, so it contains less bacteria, but that doesn't mean it's ok to have clean poop in your mouth.

could possibly be true

Yes, I believe it to be true. But by cleaner, I also think it is meant less germs.

The Hitman
well considering the sh*t we eat, YEAH A DOG IS CLEANER:D:D:D


ewww can i say one thing a dog licks his own butt need i say anymore

Absolutely not! Have you ever spent the day with a dog? I've seen where they put their mouths, and they aren't clean places!

Look below, and remember people, mouth wash isn't just a luxury its your moral duty.

Given what a dog eats, I find that unlikely. However perhaps this is a range of germs issue, in which case it may be possible that the human mouth has a wider range of baceria in it.

Apparently humans have more germs in their mouths than dogs, which seems a little unfair when dogs eat poo. I don't eat poo, why am I dirtier than a dog?

Jamie_Football... you are ALWAYS there!

Yes they are cleaner than humans. Humans have alot of bacteria in their mouth, however, dogs has good bacteria in their mouths which also help me clean themselves. I believe it is also true that if you have a cut, if a dog licks it then it is good for it... but it depends if you want to, I think we all know where a dog's mouth has been.

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