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Is it safe to put hydrogen peroxide in your ears?

Additional Details
not for ear wax - to prevent the common cold

Yes, but you should mix it 50/50 with water. I'm guessing you want to use it to break down ear wax as that's what hospitals use to do it.

Tha' Brotha
don't know but I know to drop beer in my mouth its very very safe......it is!

I usually mix half rubbing acohol and half hydrogen peroxide together and use this-- it will dry out faster and better.It works good for swimmers ear- I guess it doesn't hurt- I do it all the time.

Yes. That's what my parents did for my ear aches.

Yes but "Over the counter wax removal systems use irrigation with a solution containing hydrogen peroxide or a similar chemical, carbamyl peroxide. This can be effective, although hard wax and complete blockages often require more aggressive treatment (by a doctor!) Also, bear in mind that you run the risk of converting a partial blockage into a complete blockage by using peroxide, because the liquid can get trapped between the wax and the ear drum. This is true for any home remedy ."

I know that when i was younger, i used to get swimmers ear from being in the pool so long. My mom would take an eye dropper and drop in 3 or 4 drops of peroxide and water in my ear while i layed on my side (it would fizz and bubble)....a couple minutes later, tip your head and get the rest out.....qtip to dry

i don't know if that's why you want to put it in your ear, but who knows.

yes just put it on a q-tip and let it drop in the ear it is safe straight out of the bottle

use it all the time
even on kids mine get ear infections and doct said use it and it works

Yes it is.

a little on a q-tip is ok, it's ingesting peroxide (H2O2), thats really dangerous

I've done it for years and it's safe as far as I know.

Just Gone
my mom did it to us, i do it to my kids. None of us is deaf.

Hydrogen Peroxide bonds with blood and dead cells and dissolves them. The problem with putting it in your ears is that the gunky stuff in your ears protects you from infection, by forming a barrier that keeps out germs. You can get very clean ears with peroxide, but you will be more vulnerable to ear infections.

Yes, I do this almost everyday for years no problems.

I wouldnt.Just get some Qtips and call it a day

yes. it is a good preventative for swimmer's ear

Melissa F
I don't know if it's safe or not, but I've done it and it didn't seem to hurt me.

yes it helps to bubble out the wax but you want to make you sure you let it drain back out

I have always put hydrogen peroxide in my ears and it has never harmed me in any way. So I wouldn't think it would hurt you. I grew up hearing the saying of putting hydrogen peroxide in your ears. I've seen it done to adults and kids. They didn't have a problem.

i've done it..hasn't caused me any harm

Adam C
why wouldn't be I put everything else in there

I was told it does when i went to the ER.. they say to do that instead of using a cue tip... all that does is push the ear wax in further.

You can use 1/2 hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 water drops in your ears to soften wax. I would never use straight peroxide as it damages good skin cells as well as bad ones.

I put hydrogen peroxide in my ears all the time growing up, but that was if I had an earache. As far as I know it didn't cause any permanent damage.

Mark S
Yes, in fact it's what most doctors use when patients go in to get their ears cleaned out. But what they do is mix warm water and peroxide and it gets squirted in your ear with a machine that uses pressure.

At home, what you do is get a cap full of peroxide mixed with water, dip a cotton ball into it and then squeeze about five drops into your ear and wait a few minutes; you'll hear the peroxide popping and cleaning away the wax. Do it again if you feel your ear isn't completely clean. You'll feel an immediate difference.

Yes, unless there's a hole in your eardrum.
But whether or not it will be helpful depends on what you're trying to treat (works OK for removing wax, not so good for swimmer's ear...)


It`s idiotic is what it is.

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