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Is it okay if my body temperature is 97.6ºF ?

normal...so yes it is ok

you'll live.

Yes everyone isn't exactly the same. By normal is actually a bit low.

bart k
ya its good and normal dont worry

"For decades it was thought that the normal body temperature was 98.6 °F. This number was calculated from a study in Germany which reported normal at 37 °C. What was not known was that this number was an average rounded to the nearest degree. In other words it was only accurate to two significant digits, not the three we have with 98.6. Scientists today know that normal is actually 98.2 plus or minus 0.6, that is to say anything in the range of 97.6° to 98.8° should be considered normal."

I stole it, but it sounds good.

Well, what is your normal body temp? It could by high or low based on that... take for example... my hubby's normal body temp is around 96 degrees... and mine is closer to 98... so for him, that would be a bit high, where as for me it would be a bit low... try charting your day to day body temp when you are feeling well and fit... and see what your average body temp is.

There will be some variation from 98.6. You're within one degree. you're fine.

Oh My God!
its normal!

Yes, it's fine. It is quite normal for your body to fluctuate a little...after all, we are not precision machines, we are living biological creatures. All sort of things are changing constantly in your body.

From a more technical viewpoint, it is unlikely you can take your temperature any more accurately than one degree. Just because your digital thermometer gives you an answer to a precision of a tenth of a degree, doesn't mean your body temperature is uniformly the same. Shift the location of the thermometer slightly and you will get different results. Move it from the mouth, to the armpit, to the rectum (in that order :-) and you will get different temperatures.

YES normal is 98.6

no, the world is going to end soon. Some people have that ability in the temperature in the blood to predict that

kidding........ur fine.

Yep that's fine the 98.7 is just an average number. Personally, I usually run at 96.7 and it's when i hit 98/99 that i feel feverish.

Julie S
Yeah...nobody's body temp is always the EXACT norm of 98.6.

You will be fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ya, not everyone's temp is 98.6. it just and average. there are times where i think i have a fever and it is 97. 8 or so. if u start to feel ill, you can go to a doctor, but i would say you are doing just fine.

That is very cold for a Fire Breathing Dragon!
For a human, its fine!

That is perfectly normal!!!

If that's your normal temperature, then yes. I have a friend who is naturally a bit 'cooler' than most humans, but she has no ill effects from it.

I've spent most of my life with a 97 degree temp. 98.6 is the avarage, and as long as your within a degree of that, your not abnormal. and as long as it's alwalys that, and not constantly boncing around, your fine.

Grey Man
Yes it's completely normal. Average body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. This is just an average, your actual body temperature may vary.

Bradley T
body temp can vary by as much as 2 degres from normal activity. Yours -1.2 and is nothing to be concerned with.

yes its perfectly fine, sometimes my temperature is lower than 98.6 and sometimes its higher like 99 degrees, and this was when doctors were taking my temperature. u dont have to be at 98.6 degrees all the time

Barbara A
Yes..totally OK. Remember that 98.6 is an AVERAGE so some people typically run higher and some lower. Also, if you take an oral temp after drinking something cold, the vessels in your mouth will be constricted and therefore, cooler.

Ann W
Perfectly OK . Mine has been that for 58 years and I am fine.

Yes.. your okay..

Yes it is completely normal. The average body temperature is 98.6 degrees so anywhere around there is completely fine.

yes as long as it's not way past the norm. people's body ttemps are all different

Jason bourne
nope,YOUR perfectly alright.maybe its becoz your too cool

Ronnie B T
Very close to normal, no problems

<:3 )~
ya normal body temp is 98.6 so ur ok

Its fine

Yes. 98.6 is an average only. I run lower than average.

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