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Willful Suspension of Disbelief
Is it normal for urine to smell like the food you recently ate?
I have noticed this a couple times, once today.
And my urine smelt EXACTLY like the soup I had today for lunch.
I am certain that it wasn't just lingering aromas in the air.
It this common? Or am I really weird.
Additional Details
p.s. People who are saying I am weird for doing it, grow up. I don't stick my head in the damn toilet, and I don't purposefully smell my urine each time I relieve myself. It just happened to be a strong scent. Should I NOT BREATH OR SOMETHING? Anyhow, thank you people who provided real advice. I just wanted to know weather I was the only one.

i dont think it is normal

WHy are you smelling your urine

yes sometimes.

No idea, google it :]

No it should smell like urine see a doctor soonest.

~I hate myself for loving you~
Is it normal to be smelling your urine?

Try eating GOLDEN PUFFS cerial then wait untel mourining!

Then youll have your answer!

Chris C
you are really weird for smelling your own urine in the first place.

Peachy Dance
It's common. Wait until you drink cappuccino or coffee...

did you like, stick your head in the toilet?
how else would you know how your pee smells?

i cant say that for every food, but sometimes my urine smells like the food i ate. specially when i drink a lot of root beer.

the foods you eat affect the smell of your pee pee XD haha

yes its normal,sometimes sweat can smell also like food we eat.

hehehe, yeah, it's pretty normal

try drinking strong coffee or eating fried onions ;)

That is normal with some foods. I know that everytime I eat a Second Cup bar (vanilla bean), I go to the washroom and the smell is so strong that my partner can even smell it coming in to the washroom. This is sick but it smells just like the coffee bar (lol).

cynthia h
Yes! especially garlic! also, if you eat beets you may find that it changes color! It only makes sense when you think of it, since it is part of the digestive system...if you have enough of something, you can even have your breath, and sweat smell of it!

Josh P
yes many foods can change teh smell of your pee, especially esparagras or carrots, and beer

Yep, normal. I just had asparagus the other night and the pee smell is horrible!!

Classy Lady
I couldn't tell ya, cause when I use the bathroom, I don't stand there to smell my waste. I'm in and out. Sorry.............LOL

yes its nolmal

It's common. Relax.

Mike S
You mean like Cheerios... Man, I hate that...

Asperagus is like that sometimes for me...

Probably normal.

Yeah... every morning my urine smells like coffee about two hours after I drank it.

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