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 What would this mean????
Everynight when I lay down to go to sleep I feel really sick, like I have to throw up. What could that be and why does it happend then? Thanks in advance....

 Why are my eyes always red?
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Males and females, what is the ideal height that you would like to be, and why?...

 Do you have an innie or an outie?

 If you lost your hair, and it would never grow back - would you wear a wig , or stay bald?
Wearing a hat of some sort is not part of the question....

 What is something that you could not go a day without?
Except for water, oxygen, etc....

 Can someone give me a good air freshener to use, my roommate keeps stinking up the bathroom..?
Everytime!! I dunno what else to do besides asking him to change his diet. It's really bad. Please help or I'll suffocate.

I don't even know if this is the right category.....

 Whats the most disgusting thing you have ever seen??
I once saw a guy come out of a toilet cubicle and use the hand dryer/blower thingy, yet he didnt wash his hands!!!!

Why wuld you need to dry them if they didnt have water on them??????

 This might be weird, but...?
what side do you usually sleep on: your right side, your left side, your back, or on your stomach?
I can't fall asleep unless I'm sleeping on the right side of my body....

 How can i get taller...? im too short 4"10..is there any way to grow taller?
pls help
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im 17 years ...

 I have a really painful stomach ache with diarrhea. my diarrhea is yellow and creamy and HELP!! what do i do?
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what do you do when your worst enemy is spreading rumurs about you, saying you are fat, ugly,the list goeson, and making ALL your friends turn against you?...

 Can you trim your asshairs without cutting yourself?

 What do you do when you are in the restroom and see someone leave without washing their hands?
Do you say anything or maybe make sure they know you saw by giving them a look? It's sooooo freaking NASTY! Girls should know better!
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for quietfive: Even if you ...

 How would I go about selling a kidney?

 I can't poo its been 20 days now help me please?
hey i have not poo'ed for 20days now because im trying to hold it in because it hurts to much doctor says just let it come out but i dont want to feel like im pooing out a ball

any ...

 Weird dreams?
Does anyone know a way you can have weird dreams? (other than eating cheese or spicy food)
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I'm on a limited budget so drugs aren't an option....:)...

 Do I have have a sleeping disorder?
Sometimes when I'm asleep I get a weird feeling like my brain is being shaken and I can't wake up or move. It usually occurs when I am first falling asleep. I know in my mind that I am ...

 What is the best way to get rid of a severe migraine?
I have severe migraines everyday. I wake up it's there, I go to sleep it's still there. For the past 6 years I have lived with a migraine that never goes away. I've tried all of the ...

Is it harmful to eat food that you just dropped in the floor?
Like cookies and stuff like that. It's it contaminated with too much germs that might make me ill?

it could be depending on the floor..but most of the time its nothing that will make you ill

they call it the "10 second rule" its safe if you pickit up within 10 seconds

10 second rule!

Depends what it lands in. Better safe than sorry. If you have a good immune system, then you're probably okay.

No more harmful than eating out. Just make sure that you "kiss it up to God!" ;-)

Not really unless you have a dirty floor.

First Lady
I really don't think so. If you're in a really unsanitary place maybe, but otherwise, I really don't think it's going to kill you.

its the 3 sec rule not 10 dumbass

Johny Bravo
No nothing like that until the floor is clean lol

Another myth busted by the mythbusters... the 5 second rule is busted... if the floor is dirty it doesn't matter if it's 5 seconds or 5 minutes... you're going to put germs in your tummy.!

i personally would not advise it

depends on the state the floor is in....

Do you even relize how much food you have eat off of the floor when you were a kid,and you'r still alive.

sometimes is harmful

3 second rule applies.

Depends on what type of food was drop on the floor, and the state of your floor. If its dry food like cookies, it should be ok. If its jelly, then, its wiser to just wipe the jelly off with a piece of tissue and throw it down the bin.


Depends what's on your floor, and how often you clean it. But really you walk on the ground, could be dog poop particles and urine particles get stuck to your shoes. Then you walk on the floor in your home. Some of the particles get left on the floor. You gonna eat a cookie with animal waste particles on it? YUCK! Best not to.

It depends on how clean is the floor

the most it will do is it might have germs on it and might get you sick...unless you dropped it in bleach or something you can just wipe it off but its best to throw it away

if your floors are so dirty that you cannot even see the original color then yes it is bad clean your floors weekly and the food should be fine after 5 sec.

no it wont hurt you, you have a bery strong ammune system.you can eat stuff you drop,it just may be a little dirty.it shouldnt hurt you

ummmm, Actually i believe it,s a 5 second rule.. 3 seconds is too quick and 10 is too long. or so that's what i,ve been told. either way, pick up and eat it at your discretion

oh kate!
The 5 second rule is always in effect, unless you're in the middle of a waste treatment facility, or the elephant cage at the zoo.

Have you ever heard of the 5 second rule? It doesn't apply, it is more like... I'm too hungry not to eat this rule.

its absolutely fine unless you dropped it on an extremely filthy surface

Bad Kitty!
Snopes tested the 5 second rule, and disproved it. Bacteria adhere by contact, so if there is a germ on the floor, and your food hits it, it's contaminated. Here's the link to the experiment & results. You'll never eat anything off the floor again!

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