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[tha kid]
Is it bad to stop sneezes?
Is it bad to hold them in and not let them come out?

Everyone yells at me (and my brother) for doing that. I am sure it is not good as you could probably damage something with all that pressure, but it probably isn't common.
Nothing has happened to my brother or me yet though!

It feels strange but I would have to imagine it doesn;t do permanent damage

Not unless you want the witch fairies to come naw on your toenails while you sleep.

iNsTaNt pUdDiNhEaD
Yes. Your head could EXPLODE!!! :P

emily f
ya I think so

check tis out

Weslie C
Holding them in could cause slight problems,When you sneeze,turn around and try to channel it through your mouth,and at the same time try to make it sound like you're sneezing through your nose to prevent rudeness

Bill G
actually yes...why do people do that?

i think it feels good to sneeze (lol)

betcha cant sneeze with your eyes open

Shakey B
Yes, it's bad. It can make your brain melt and pour out your ears. It's better to let the air and pressure come out of your mouth. That way your brain stays safe while you don't sneeze on your friends and loved ones.

Amanda L
Probably: you sneeze because your body thinks it's healthy, and your body is usually right about these things.
You won't get sick/injure yourself from it, though. I don't think it really matters that much.

nick p
sorda i usualy let them out and it feels better

xx Kill Nick Jonas xx
Yes. If you hold in a sneeze, your eyeballs may come out. I am not joking; my science teacher told me this.


yes it is why else would you sneeze

Olivia L
I do it but it makes me feel like crap!!!

i heard it is..but i dont see why. lol

Yes, sneezes are your body's natural way of making sure no dust particles or foreign substances reach your nose. So, if you stop the sneeze, not only do you have a risk of debree reaching your lungs, but you also have to worry about enlarged portions of your sinuses as well as clogged portions.
Hope that helps!

yeah i think so....also if u keep ur eyes open when sneezing you can strain ur eyes.

Not Me
Sometimes if it's the only way you can keep from peeing on yourself or ripping a fart like I do when I sneeze. lol

Sure - you don't want your head to explode!

Love Hurts
yes because it's bad for you brain :( so don't do it

Ana B
Sneezes are a powerful thing your body uses to eliminate the "bad stuff" in your body. Taking into account their speed and effectiveness, it's not the best idea to hold them in, as they could seriously hurt you.

♥Squirts McPuddles♥being naughty
I heard if you hold in a sneeze it will make you fat. but really they are just getting rid of what ever it is that is tickling your nose.

You can make your nose bleed.

Alex R
yes it may hurt your heart alot. a sneeze is the closest time you come to dieing because your heart stops for a second everytime you sneeze.. fun fact lol.

The Ultimate Answer Guaranteed
A sneeze is used to remove any foreign chemicals from the nostrils or airway passages. These chemicals are usually irritating the cells along the passage way and a sneeze is used to forcefully remove as much of it as possible. Depending on what the foreign particle is stopping a sneeze may be harmful to the sensive areas of the airways. In most cases the particles are just allergins or irritants that don't cause much damage but if the chemical is a toxic one then it is sensible to sneeze and then wash out with water.
Some common irritants:
dust, pollen, pepper, bacteria(influenza) from the flu

☆Little old me☆
apparently, it can pierce your eardrums beacuse of the pressure ( i mean when you hold your nose to stop a sneeze coming out )

But i do it all the time.

yes it makes the fluid and mucus go to ur ears

You should just sneeze away.

Probably, as your meant to sneeze for a reason!

Yes, a sneeze's force is 100 mph. It could damage your brain and it kills a few nerve cells.

Yes, everytime you do, a few brain cells are destroyed that you cannot get back, so it's best just to let it out. If you're afraid of getting germs everywhere, instead of sneezing in your hand, try sneezing into your arm right at the bend of your elbow. You don't go around touching things with the inside of your elbow...haha.

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