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Is it against the law to send controlled substances throught the US Postal mail?
My parents are vacationing and need me to send medication to them, but there are two that are considered "controlled substances" is it legal to send these meds to them????

Yes, Gilligan and Maryann were pinched for sending loco weed through the mail.

consult your post office before preceding says magic 8 ball

Can't they score some Heroin on the street?


A federal offense. but legitimate meds with a prescription- no problem.

Maybe in the perscription bottle with there name on it!

NO it's not illegal just send a doctor's note and when you mail it you must wright what is in the envelope for customs.

Yes your parents can go to any drug store no matter where they are and get there med there.All they have to do is give the drug store the phone number or something to the drug store where they are. I have even got mine in other country's like that

Yes it is, you should talk with the USA post services, they have a special medication and legal drugs special delivery, where people with the proper training and with all the special licenses will do it for you, something else they can do is to find a pharmacy or drug store with fax, talk to your parent's doctor and he can fax the prescription that will be supply in that pharmacy or drug store.

Wendy P
You can send it IF it's not liquid, and make sure they know what your sending, including the prescription for it.!

kevin m
send it ups or fedex and dont tell them whats in it

Hannah Radar
My doctor's office mailed them to me when I was on vacation. So I don't think so. After all, they are going to the people whose names are on the bottles. Wrap them up well.

If the person you are addressing it to has a prescription for said drug, and the prescription can be verified-than it can be sent with restrictions.

I don't think they will ever know what is in there, but if your parents have a current perscription for it I would think it's ok.

Sending prescription meds to the person who has the prescription should not be illegal.

Sending controlled substances through the US Mail (compared with UPS, FedEx, or some other private carrier) is safer, due to the fact that the USPS needs a search warrant to open it, and private carriers do not.

show and tell
why don't your parents just call their doctor, explain their situation, and have the doctor call the prescription in (enough to last their vacation) to a local pharmacy? much easier and more cost effective.

*queenfairy1*Antioch California
I would call their doctor and tell him the problem. And he can send a small prescription to a pharmacy of their choice over the computer, and it will be filled immediately. or you could go to the post office and ask the postmaster how to do this and he can tell you

I would contact my pharmacist for advice. We once had to send medication to my mother who was on vacation. We were able to do it without too much problem. Of course, that was pre-9/11...

Yes it is illegal to send controlled substances through the mail. The best method would be for them to have the physician who prescribed them fax a pharmacy where they are to order some for them.

No it is not illegal. Take a few measure to protect yourself though just in case. Be sure to include in the package a letter from the doctor or just a photocopy of the prescription to verify that it is legitimate. If you need to have it filled prior to shipment you may want to ask the pharmacy to ship the medicine for you. I get my 'controlled substances' mailed to me from my pharmacy on a monthly basis and these are the steps they told me to take. However, if you are mailing to a foreign country you may want to check with customs regarding their policies as each country is different and once it is out of the US it can be a whole other ball game. Good Luck and hope this helps answer your question.

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