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Thanks =]
Emma ...

Is ice cream good or bad for sore throats?

If it makes it feel better- good- if not- bad.

It is good for sore throats.

[shaynaaa] â„¢
what a stupid question!

From the mouth of a baby I asked my son your question (I already knew my own answer was YUP, YES, MORE PLEASE, CAN I HAVE JELLY WITH THAT.....)

He says 'Ice cream is good for sore throats because you cant eat anything else so you just eat more and more and more and more ice cream for brekkfist, lunch and dinners and desserts too just different flavours'.

I think that just about says it all.

Blessings be in peace and light
Harriett Potty ;)

and dont forget the chocolate sprinkles and 100's and 1000's.

zippy p
mmm your making me hungry. It is good. It doesn't really help at all except the cool feeling feels good and it is easy to eat!

while your eating it, it makes it feel better but once you put it away it makes u not feel good at all. You will start to cough. Any thing with milk you are not suppesed to eat when sick. Sorry! I tend to even crave milk when I am sick.
P.S. doctors and moms orders, oh yea coldness does help but not with milk, try popsicles or sherbert, that always soothes my soar throat.

Aisha W
It can be very good or not good at all, depending on the situation, but if you have just a regular sore throat, it is good, because it causes flem..........Good Luck! :)

It is very good for a sore throat. Another thing that is good for sore throats is popsicles. The reason that it is good for sore throats is because it is cold and numbs the sore part of your throat.

Kelly W
I have a sore throat, too, so I've been experimenting... So far I've found:

Orange Juice: While the vitamin C may have helped in my system, it didn't really do anything for my throat on the way down. If anything, I think the acid would hurt if I drank too much of it.

Coffee: Bad. The heat was good, and I felt like it helped with my nasal congestion, but there was something about the coffee that irritated my throat. Also, the caffiene didn't agree with my cold medicine.

Hot Chocolate: Good. It was hot, without irritating my throat, and just creamy enough to sort of soothe it. Also, chocolate makes me happy.

Chicken Soup: Yummy and comforting, but I'm not sure it really helped that much.

Ice Cream: Feels good on contact and tastes good, but it built up more gunk in my throat. It was very soothing, though, and sort of numbed the pain.

Hot Chamomile Tea: Helped clear away the mucus from the ice cream.

Tea with lemon added: Best of all. I didn't really expect it to be any better than regular tea, but somehow it was. It cleared away the mucus amazingly well and it was sort of soothing, too.

So in conclusion, I recommend tea with lemon most and hot chocolate second most. Save the ice cream for when you're well again.

♥Just Another Broken Heart♥
I would say good - it's cold, so it'd soothe your throat, and it'd numb it from the same reason.

ice cream,pudding,and milk shakes are all good choices and jell-o is also ,i know this from exp..brought up 4 boys they took turns getting sick

I don't think its good or bad for the throat but the cold makes it feel better.


the coldness is soothing, but the milk can cause phlegm. Sherbet or fruit ice is better, no milk products.

I don't know that it is good for sore throats,but i do know that it feels good on a sore throat

It is good

peace in the middle east
i would say good, but i have also heard that in the long run it is worse
but at the spur of the moment it feels good

try it and let me know , i have a sore throat also. i do know throat drops help me.

it can be... but i would go with soup or something warm like hot tea. its supposed to bee better for your throat and certainly more healthy.

good, but bad because it causes flem

Most people find comfort in ice cream and ice pops...simply because a sore throat usually means a hot throat...the cold soothes and you don't have to swallow.
I would recommend that you stay away from "real or Natural"fruit ice dream....it may have natural acids that may aggravate the throat. Hope you feel better!!

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