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Is gatorade bad for you?
i mean without any activety..... can you tell me why ? also it would be nice for some web sites? also does it cause health problems and i know its a good source of energy but when u are not moving or not doing activety isnt it bad for you?

Gauri P
It is if you are not active physically......plus anything which has fructose corn syrup is bad!!!

i cant tell you why because i dont remember. but i rememberr my nutrition teacher told me in college to never drink gaterade unless you are doing physical activity. sorry dont remember the reason though

Coconut water is provides the electrolytes and it's better on your teeth.

The last thing that i heard about gatorade was that the Acidity levels are very had and if left on the teeth it could do alot of erosion damage. I think that too much of anything will get a warning label sooner or later.

yes, it has more sugar than the average soda pop...which isn't good for you...but then if you go the diet way...Aspartame is worse for you ...therefore stear clear of them and drink water.

no and no health problems

NO, it's not bad for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a lot of sugar in it and I recently read that it is really bad for your teeth.

Afraid bcuz i have no fears!
Yes, absolutely...i don't touch the stuff...it makes you sweat in different colors depending on which one you drink.

no it isnt!!!

Richard P
Yeah the sugar is bad....if your not working out....just drink water

it isn't the best thing the only bad thing is the sugar and sodium but otherwise it is fine.

Gatorade replenishes lost body salts. My daughter (who because of her heart condition can not do strenuous activities either) has been told to drink this daily, to help replenish her blood.

too much is

eric k

If you are not exercising, Gatorade cannot be that GOOD for you. It has a higher salt and sugar count than most other drinks. You need to also be aware that the individual bottle is actually 4 servings. Gatorade is loaded with high fructose corn syrup which can be linked to obesity - esp. if you are not an active person.

no its not bad if you arent active, but its not that great for you even when you are active. Its full of sodium and full of hype. trust me, water is the way to go.

Gatorade was made with the intention that the consumers would be active while drinking it. Thus the Gatorade would replenish electrolytes (which effect every function in your body, such as potassium, sodium, calcium, chloride... stuff like that) that are lost during activity. Can you drink it every now and again for the taste? sure! but make sure you're drinking plenty of water too, Gatorade also has lots of sugar that can dehydrate so even athletes need an even balance

Gatorade was designed to replace sugars, salts, potasium and other minerals lost during heavy exercise. Yes you CAN O.D. on some of these things...even if you are exercising heavily and only drinking Gatorade.

It doesn't hurt to drink moderate amounts of it even when not so active if you change it up with water. I have a friend who is a diesel mechanic. In the summer he drinks nothing but water and Gatorade alternating between the two.

BTW: if you drink NOTHING but a LOT of water, you can actually increase the loss of electolytes by diluting them too much. And electrolytes come in the foods you eat, so that is something to keep in mind also.

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